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"Deli reviews Hair Rocket"

Listening to Novelty the self-released EP by Hair Rocket forced me to come once again face-to-face with my last breakup. Like any good breakup, it’s equal parts dark, mysterious and bizarre. Despite the deeply personal nature of the lyrics, they are no less relatable. Chris Blasucci (former multi-instrumentalist for Aderbat) wrote and released Novelty after a particularly messy split. The chaos that he endured is shared for all to hear on his debut album. First of all, Blasucci is not only creating subversive and introspective music, he is also starting a Hair Rocket movement. One where participants remove locks of their own hair, attach them to projectiles and then unleash these projectiles into the atmosphere, thus, giving you an elevated perspective – pretty twisted stuff. Novelty is Blasucci’s Hair Rocket. Instrumentally heavy, the album has an abstract quality. You never know where the next track will lead you. Songs shift between having simple melodies with barely there drums keeping time in the background like “Come Here Be Near” to the aptly titled “Electrical” where you could swear your toaster fell into the bathwater. But why the hell would your toaster be in your bathroom anyways? In the world of Hair Rocket, it all makes sense. That’s what listening to Novelty does to you. You connect with Hair Rocket, even if you don’t understand what is going on. With this EP, we are introduced to what can happen when a Berklee dropout takes what he has learned, what he has felt and what he has tolerated, smashes them all together and hopes for the best. Lucky for us, the result pretty much kicks ass. You can check out and download Noveltyhere for FREE. He also has limited edition vinyl that comes with some goodies available at Insound. - Meaghan McCafferty - Deli Philadelphia

"Hair Rocket"

Hair Rocket is led by G&G’s friend Chris, who is crazytown in the best possible sense of the word. The bouncy music is going to make you dance, but Chris’ saddish, reflective, lyrics might make you cry at the same time, so wear comfy shoes and bring some tissues. Working off the slogan, “We cut, We light, and We release,” Hair Rocket offers much more than face-melting music. Hold on to your panties ladies, and throw some of your hair on stage instead, because “Hair Rocket,” is not merely the band’s name. Launching fuse powered follicles into space is one of their fav pastimes, and they really encourage audience participation… - Guts and Glitter





Hair Rocket is a band that represents Hair Rocketing:  subversive enlightenment through cathartic art. Their slogan is “We cut, We light, and We release”.  Founded by accident in 2008 by Chris Blasucci in the process of making a music video about a man that decides to elude formal structures and explore an idea, the concept piece reveals Chris secretly collecting hair from his previous wife/girlfriends, taping it to a rocket and shooting it off a bridge to bring about a cathartic release and undetermined period of utopia. Performances include Chris leading his intense, up garage/glam band and as acting practitioner. Prompting the audience to participate with magic tools and volunteer locks of hair that are attached to a rocket which forms the pagan idol; a patron of boundaries for the traveler who crosses them; followers meet via the web at an online museum to see their live rocket launched and documented chronologically as a bizzare hermetic experience. “Novelty” is Hair Rockets debut EP.