Hairy Dudini

Hairy Dudini

 Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
SoloHip HopAvant-garde

Space funk loops with synth, guitar, beatbox and voice.


Live loops, synth shenanigans and sit-ins with the finest musicians. Also freaky funky guitar ripping. That's what we do here. Plain n' simple.

Hairy Dudini has shared stages with the likes of The Wailers, The
Tweed, Butterjive, Breakscience, members of The Nth Power and John
Brown's Body, Brothers Past, Freeway, G Love and Special Sauce, members
of Lettuce, Dave Bromberg Band and various members of The Roots Crew.

Alright.....enough reading. Go listen to some space funk!


1999: Junior Watt (Funk Band, Jr. Watt)

2001: Jazz Standards (Solo jazz)

2003: PawnStars (Punk Rock, PawnStars)

2004: StickBottle Demo (StickBottle Band Debut)

2006: You're Steppin' in what I'm Spillin' (JK&F) + 2006: Avant-Funk (JK&F)

2007: Vette (self-titled album w/ pop group, Vette) + Trio (JK&F)

2007: StickBottle (first self-titled album)

2011: Re-Kleined EP (3 tunes, Josh plays all parts)

2013: Best of The Blue Dog: Live Music Summer 2013

2014: Family Style

2015: Instrumental List + Jah People's debut record, Risin' High

2016: The Cree-EP + Muppet & Dudini's Sonic Wookie Bait Vol. 1

Set List

Varies from concert to concert!  Josh does a different set for each solo show.  Here are some things his various groups do:

Hexting does an all-improv set of ambient Kraut-rock

The Dudini Band does freaky funky arrangements of various cover songs

Jah People varies between different Bob Marley tribute sets and originals

GD3 performs various Grateful Dead sets with 70's funk vibe

Spirit World performs various covers and originals