Haji Basim

Haji Basim


Haji Basim. The experience of truthful, soul acoustic music in its most pure and powerful form. Acclaimed acoustic guitar virtuosity, blended with instant vintage soul felt vocals. Transforming genres (Soul, Flamenco, Hip-hop, Folk, Jazz) into his own blend of soulful sound.


Poignant, passionate, soul moving, otherworldly....

Haji Basim is at the forefront of "neo acoustic" music. Recently Deemed (UASM) Urban Acoustic Soul Music. His heart griping vocals, versatile, passonate guitar playing, and picture painting, storytelling lyrics have earned him recognition from devoted fans and industry insiders alike.
Through his love for a diverse group of musical styles, he legitimately understands and manipulates the artistry behind music and songwriting.
After touring and performing all over the USA (Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Ashville, est.) in talent shows, Theater productions, State fairs, coffee house and club venues, Haji has honed his musical craft.
When Haji was around 20 and going through a phase of searching, He had an encounter with an old man playing the Guitar (an instrument that he had never had a desire to play) who seemed to have such...fun playing. After that he got an answer and was inspired to get a guitar the next day, and it's been love ever since.
Haji is influenced by folk, (Progressive) hip-hop, Flamenco, Jazz, and Soul music. Yet He aspire to write songs that will convey the mutual passions in the joys and struggles that we all share walking along this life line.


Urban folk Vol 1 2008 EP

Set List

Set list (30min-1.5hr): What If, 7 Days, I Hope, Go Get Your Life, This Far, I Rocked A Letter, Happiness. (I do all originals and can add songs if time requires)