Storebø, Hordaland, NOR

This music makes you want to smile, cry, dance, sing! HAKON has a heart to share, and he shares it well! If music had a street, it would be in U2 and Coldplay's street...!


HAKON is an artist from western part of Norway. He grew up at a farm with his mum, dad and seven siblings. Started playing instruments in a young age and in the last years it has increased to what is now the main thing HAKON is doing. His lyrics are honest about life and the melodies are catchy. His songs have a great variety in style. It's all pop/rock, but you won't get bored. It makes you want to sing and his songs get stuck in your head! And it'll make you smile:o)!



Written By: Håkon Kalvenes


Verse 1
Something drives him on
Something more than
what's within himself
Makes him fight the good fight
He runs fast
He strikes hard
No mercy for the wicked one
No compromise No compromise

Holy breath of God
Gives him strength to

Stand for the good
Never give up on life
God will give you the strength
To endure through the fight
The weak can be strong
And the slaves can be free
Let God from above
Reach this world with His love
Through you

Verse 2
Darkness fears a name
A name that's written in his heart
Makes them tremble in fear
The Saviour
No other can save us
No substitute No substitutes

Jesus shines through him
Gives him strength to


CD: Don't want to live in this Ghost City
Streaming at www.hakonmusic.com

Set List

Man In Front, Lighthouse, Waiting, Falling In The Silence, Ghost City, Running, He's Chasing You, Forgotten, Blindfolded, Stand, Breathe, Smile!

13 songs, sets lasts for about an hour.

Different in different settings.