Halcyon Heart

Halcyon Heart

 London, England, GBR

Hannah is inspired by the universe, the world she lives in and the lives of people around her. When writing she aims to draw on her own life experiences as well as that of others. Drawing on human emotions and life experiences is key for Hannah as a lyricist, musician and performer.

Hannah studies a wide range of sources to develop creative ideas for her music. Some of her musical and creative influences include the likes of Coldplay, Kings of Leon, The XX, BT, REM, Ludovico Einaudi, Kate Bus


English singer songwriter, musician, performing artist, composer, mixer and DJ born in London raised in southern coast England.

The music Hannah writes, produces and performs is highly emotional and personal. If it reaches out to her audience and grabs their attention then she would have fulfilled her purpose as a musician, songwriter and performing artist.

All lyrics and music produced, written and performed by Hannah Selina of artist name Halcyon Heart unless otherwise stated. Copyright © 2010 Halcyon Heart. All Rights Reserved


01. Pace Yourself
02. Real Me
03. What I Feel
04. Walk Away
05. Catch Me (If I Fall)
06. Wasted Love
07. City Lights
08. In Your Head
09. Biggest Mistake
10. Feeling Low
11. Letting Go
12. Yesterday Some Other Day
13. Something You Said
14. Fool For A Love
15. Robot Lovers
16. Summertime
17. Frozen Thunder
18. Dystopia Signs ~ ft. Groove Armada

Set List

Stage piano - positioned centre stage left
Stage space for movement and performance - minimal clutter
Simplistic costume - light materials - black or white
Lighting - gold, blue, purple, white - dreamlike - spacey
Some smoke - ground level only
Rain effect - glitter props

Opening song - Pace Yourself. Performed on piano then performed using mixed track version. Enter stage left. Ground level smoke. Soft lighting effect.

Catch Me (If I Fall) - Guitar + supporting band. Free movement on stage.

What I feel - Guitar + supporting band. Free movement on stage. Flashing white lights towards the end for the climax of the song then blackout when song comes to an end.

Biggest Mistake - spotlighting effect. Puple/Blue lighting. Performed on piano. Smoke effect ground level.

Walk Away - Guitar + supporting band. Free movement on stage.

Real Me – Electro-Acoustic + band performance. Centre stage. Glitter top and shorts costume. White lighting effect. Glitter props from above.