My name is Holli Noel Dykes and songwriting is a true passion of mine. It's something I wanted to do for years but never felt I could really bring it out. I began to pray that the Lord would really bless that part of my life, and about 8 years ago, I really started writing a lot of music. I'm 28 now and I'm still writing and loving it. I was very fortunate to have my one of my songs, called "Forever and Always," recorded by Haley (haleymusic.net or myspace.com/haleyonline), an awesome Newgrass artist (and she also happens to be my sister). :) She's planning on recording more of my music in the future, and I'm so happy that my music is being shared around the world.


Forever and Always

Written By: Holli Noel Dykes

Like the wind I'm blown away
Swept aside and cast away
And I am left behind like I was never known.

And all the while you're moving on
But you discover something's wrong
And now you're left with all this emptiness inside.

And then you suddenly realize...
All you left behind...
Was what you needed most.

Now you're kneeling at my feet
Pouring out your soul to me
And how the only one that you want is me.

And I will always live for you
If you will always live for me
And I will show you things you never thought you'd see.

And if you say to me that you will...
You will always feel my love for you...
Forever and always.