Haley Shaw

Haley Shaw


contemplative folk.


I saw an episode of Unsolved Mysteries when I was on vacation with my Father in Chicago. It was on reincarnation and I was fascinated. In that hotel room, at the age of 7, I convinced myself that in a previous life I was Judy Garland. To say I had quite an imagination would be an understatement.

But I loved all of those old movie/musicals. It seems so cheesy, and may not be very hip to say, but that was the stuff that made me fall in love with music and singing and stories (and Elvis Pressly... don't judge me).

I was born and raised in Charleston, SC... a fact that I have learned to embrace and truly appreciate as I've gotten older. There's something about the shoreline that instills in children the idea that the world is really really big. I always knew that there was more out there than my little world.

Writing music really started off as something to do to get my mind off of whatever the teacher was bothering me about (math? is it really important?). I've always been a lover of words and phrases, so crafting them together with melody just came naturally.

At 14 I got my first guitar and never really looked back. I learned to embrace songwriting as a vessel to kind of journey through growth, pain, faith, loving, wounding, etc. Writing became a huge release and, in a lot of ways, a huge relief.

In the fall of 2006 I met Ash Hopkins (bassist/multi-instrumentalist/sound-engineer.) We became fast friends and soon began work on what would become "As if it Were Twilight". The record was complete by summer 2007, and now I spend my time traveling about and playing my music for people. I love it.

Sometimes I even break out in a tapdance and sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"... just for old-times sake.


Red Sea

Written By: Haley Shaw

This will be the last song
I write about you
Or about the love I once gave my whole heart to
I don't dream for romance
or hope for romance
I just want freedom

So I will make a villian of your memory
and I will turn this lake into a red sea...
and cast it down
and watch you drown, drown, drown

"forgive me"
please say,
"forgive me"
and i will trade three words
for two
and let go of you

so think of me when you smoke those
and i will try with all my might
to forget
ever hating you
or loving you

"forgive me"
please say,
"forgive me"
and i will trade three words
for two
and let go of you

tonight i'll lay down my pride
and condemn the blood for the wounding
from when you stabbed me in my side
and condemned my body for not healing
quickly enough for you

"forgive me"
just say,
"forgive me"
and i will trade three words
for two
and let go of you


As if it Were Twilight, 2007
While Daniel Was Sleeping, Demos -2007
pretty hearts & barricades EP -2009

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Red Sea
As if it Were Twilight
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