Halfdown Thomas

Halfdown Thomas


The Alabama based rock band HalfDown Thomas is a high impact combination of Hard Rock firepower and Alternative/Grunge atmosphere with a dedication to melody and intensity...and don't forget the hook."If our songs don't stay with you, move you and make you move, then we aint doin' our job!"


HalfDown Thomas (or HDT) was begun on the verge of the new Millenium in the sleepy little backwoods town of Cullman, Alabama by a group of friends with one simple goal: To start a band and see how far it could really go. 8 years later, singer Randy Ayers, guitarist Wesley Smith, bassist George White and drummer Mark Underwood are finding out.

Starting as everyone does, in sweaty little clubs, opening shows for renowned local acts, HDT spent their time developing a high intensity stage show to compliment their hard driving Modern Rock sound. Eventually the hard work paid off opening the doors of opportunity, allowing HalfDown Thomas to share the stage with acts as diverse and influential as Kings of Leon, OutKast, Evanessence, and Fuel just to name a few.

At the same time, HDT was working hard to hone their personal sound. With 2 Full length releases, 3 E.P.'s and numerous compilation spots, writing and recording have been a large piece of the equation. Somewhere between Pearl Jam and Nickleback, between Stone Temple Pilots and Breaking Benjamin is where you'll find HalfDown Thomas' sound. Throw in individual influences as varied as Southern Rock and 80's hair metal, and what shakes out is Modern Rock Alternative with scorching guitar solos, bombastic rythm work and attention to lyrical hook that create an intersting and still "listener friendly" mix.

Recently, HalfDown Thomas inked a management deal with Rock Ridge Records, an independent, do it yourself minded label started by Tom Derr (ex-VP of Artist Development and Relations Universal Records) and Chris Henderson (Guitarist for 3 Doors Down). With the imminent release of their third full length recording, the tenatively titled "Beautifully Strange", and distribution through Warner/ADA, HalfDown Thomas is set to push the evolution of this project to the next level.

And this is where the story stands now......

Oh, and the name? Well, the members of HalfDown Thomas have yet to divulge the true meaning of the phrase, but it never hurts to ask.....


Original Demo's E.P. - Released June 2000
Halfdown Thomas - Released September 2001
"3 song E.P." - Released April 2003
Momentum- Released June 2004
Haulin Ass on the Fat Strings - Released May 2005
HDT Digital EP- Released October 2005
Momentum+ - Released April 2007

Set List

Our typical set list for all original shows are:
Beautifully Strange
Come Inside
Lost Chance
Way Down
Trigger Finger
Save the Day
She Falls a Liar
Yet to Say

Our sets usually consist of three 1 hour sets.
We do play covers.

Our covers include:
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
Possum Kingdom- The Toadies
I Wear my Sunglasses at Night- Corey Hart
Far Behind- Candlebox
Crazy Bitch- Buckcherry
I Alone- Live
Bullet with Butterfly Wings- Smashing Pumpkins
Word Up- Cameo/Korn
Wicked Game- Chris Isaak/ H.I.M.
My Own Worst Enemy- Lit
Summer of 69- Bryan Adams
Open Up Your Eyes- Tonic
Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down
Interstate Love Song- Stone Temple Pilots
Come as You Are- Nirvana
Doesn't Remind Me- AudioSlave
Honky Tonk Women- Rolling Stones
Fortunate Son- CCR
Hashpipe- Weezer
Suspicious Minds- Elvis
Song #2- Blur
Tomorrow- Silverchair
Twice as Hard- The Black Crowes
Alive- Pearl Jam
The Red- Chevelle
Animal- 3 Days Grace