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The best kept secret in music


"Getting down with Half Dozen Down"

by Jenny Felice

Guelph, Ont. - After months of downtime, Half Dozen Down took to the stage Friday night at Vinyl to promote their new self titled EP that featured five hip hoppin', freestylin', peace lovin' tracks to groove to. This mishmash of musicians started in 2005 by busting into the Gueiph music scene during a battle of the bands, where they placed second for their first performance ever .Fronted by Eitan "Tunny" Gallant, the band has changed members (and names) here and there, but the general vibe of the band has continued.
It was a full house Friday, due to a solid, supportive fan base and eager reception for the new disc; the anxious throngs of appreciators were not let down. The lyrics of one of the new tracks, 'Shallow Water' requested, "have fun with the music...we're giving you something to groove with, come on, who's in?" Well, fun was had, and everyone was in, not just the dancing audience but the grooving band members themselves, putting on a high energy, pumped up performance that created a very personable atmosphere throughout the bar, getting the crowd clapping and shouting along.
Half Dozen Down's chief vocalists Tunny and Amanda Baines combined voices to create some sublime harmonies along with help from Luke Nares; particularly on the track 'Numbers', one of the most low-key and musically relaxed of the bunch. It was hands down my favourite song of the night, both lyrically and vocally, singing, "without guns the battle's begun, with questions the day will be won, don't turn and run from answers... daughters and sons, join as one in numbers".
The general message of the song is unity amongst humankind through trust, peace, and love - "trust, or just imagine that good will happen...trust from you to me, trust in unity, I feel that love will conquer truthfully". 'Partake', the last track on the new EP, was also a more slow paced, toned down song with awesome harmonies and an air of nostalgia in the performance and lyrics - "remember the times...partake in the party, there's no time for
their ability to switch gears from harmonious chilled out crooning, to reggae/ hip hop inspired dance numbers that had the crowd going wild. I saw some definite growth in their songs, not just relying on the same general sound and content, but taking chances with different
heartache tonight". Musically it was one of the most simplistic songs, relying mostly on muted guitar chords, but vocally it was a virtual chorus of voices joined together, as the song states, "in a passionate way".
This new EP showcases the versatility of the band, and
genres, harmonies, and tempos. Apart from their own songs, they also successfuly covered a few tunes by Beck, the Roots, and K-os, all of which were received with much enthusiasm, proving once again that Half Dozen Down knows how to please their fans.
- The Ontarion


Numbers EP November 10, 2006.

EP updated with live songs March 2007.


Feeling a bit camera shy


HalfDozenDown, like many bands, had humble beginnings. When front man Eitan “Tunny” Gallant recruited some of his closest and musically gifted friends to help him compete in a local ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition, no one could have predicted that two years later the band would be an unstoppable force on the Guelph live music scene and beyond.

HalfDozenDown’s blend of socially conscious themes, hip-hop beats, funky bass-lines, reggae grooves, and jam-band resonance has attracted a large and dedicated fan-base, selling out shows in Guelph, Toronto, Peterborough and Mississauga. Over the past two years, the group has had the pleasure of performing with the likes of Matt York, God Made Me Funky, wordPeople, Two Left, and many other rising Canadian talents. Their November 2006 release, Numbers EP, has received much love and positive feedback from critics and audiences alike.

Much of this popularity may be due to the overwhelming feeling that HalfDozenDown is not just a band, but a collective of friends who truly enjoy performing together. Tunny is the charismatic and energetic MC, yet he doesn’t manage to steal the spotlight from the sweet vocals of Amanda Baine, or the practiced guitar work of Luke Nares. Drummer Dan “The Flava” LaFebvre provides the driving beat, while bassist Greg Gravelle brings the funk, and Paul Guerra jams it out on the keys. The end result is a live show that delivers an exceptional sound and a sweaty audience, every time.

After two years of diligent writing, touring, and recording under their belts, HalfDozenDown is still working to bring their message of environmentalism, activism, peace, and love to a larger audience.

For more information and upcoming shows, please visit www.myspace.com/halfdozendown.
For booking and other management details, contact
Tunny at 519-831-3937 or by e-mail at halfdozendown@hotmail.com.