Half Hazard

Half Hazard


Half Hazard is a new edge Alt rock, hip hop sound with a blend of catchy tunes and haunting lyrics. This is a band for this generation.


Half Hazard is inspired by such bands as Linkin Park, Crossfade, A perfect Circle and Creed. We are a blend of Rock, and Hip Hop. With verses completely outside the box, and choruses and melodies that you can't stop singing and stick in your head like glue.


-Album: Half Hazard (Breed)
Songs: Taking my place, Breed, Breaking down, With you, Dead.
- Jive Records -Album Mini-Beats, Background and single "Let it be"
-Plastic Angel feat Tommy C. - Singer - Album Hardwired by Intergroove records Germany 2001
-Shodan with Tommy C- "One night in Bangkok" Compilation album Dance Sensation 2003, Edel Records Germany 2003
-Tommy C. "School's Out", Teenage Rampage Records 2003
-Dance Labs- C'est la Vie feat A.K. Swift, 2003 Excell Records

Set List

Taking my place, Dead, Breaking down, Breed, With you, Lost, My chamber, Shade of Gray, Haunted, Locks, Tonight, All in All, Story, Hollywood Girl.
20+ min