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Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, Luxembourg | SELF

Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, Luxembourg | SELF
Band Alternative EDM




"HAL FLAVIN - The talk sur Core and Co - FR (2011)"

(...) Surprise, un groupe venu du Luxembourg ! Et qui plus est, un bon, à l'electro-pop immédiatement séduisante sur "The talk", le premier morceau, dans un même temps pop, electro et rock, porté autant par des voix traficotées, parfois "normales", des guitares remontées, des basses slappées et des synthés 80's réjouissants. Energique, de haut niveau, cette compo initiale apporte la preuve d'un potentiel conséquent et on se met alors, tout en se trémoussant, à attendre la suite avec impatience, convaincu par l'entrée en matière.(...) - Core and Co

"‘Hal Flavin's ‘The Talk’: a sincere praise to electro-pop’ (IT) 2011"

(...) The talk è un pezzo debitore della new wave più estrema, ma ampiamente smussato da melodie declamate dal mainstream pop. Da questo connubio si levano spunti danzerecci e trame ingarbugliate di overdub. Higher life è sintesi sonora di una battaglia a colpi di ferraglia che stride, collide e rovina al suolo. Qui, e in altre occasioni, il suono robotico pare il sottofondo musicale di una travolgente avanzata di androidi, in marcia sulla città.(...) - News Mag (Italy)

"Hal Flavin – The Talk EP on Tasty Fanzine (2011)"

(...) Essentially electro at the poppier end of the scale, they do dark and icy (‘The Talk’), they do bleepy swooshy verging on industrial (‘Higher Life’), they do minimal iron lung sound effect Aphex Twin alike (‘Broken Waves’) and they even roam into the territory of proggish (‘Animals of the Future’). But they always touch back to their start point of making them catchy pop tunes and not some esoteric exercise in musical experimentation which has minimal appeal to Joe Public. (...) - http://www.tastyfanzine.org.uk

"HAL FLAVIN - The Talk sur nawakposse.com (2011)"

(...) Cet EP 5-titres permet de se rendre du potentiel scénique de HAL FLAVIN par sa richesse et sa diversité qui peut plaire à un auditoire très large. Ceci, non pas par l'effet immédiat de ses compositions mais bel et bien par le plaisir et le talent présent dans chaque titre.(...) - Nawakposse (FR)

"Hal Flavin EP review (2009)"

"We could define it as an electro songwriting, for the pathos of a voice that reminds us a GM organism created out of the vocal ropes of Chris Martin and Chris Cornell. The writing, instead, reminds us closely a James Murphy (aka LCD Soundsystem) in it's best shapes. (...) But for me they are simply this year's most authentic rock experience." (In Italian : http://www.musicboom.it/mostra_recensioni.php?Unico=20080917225115)
- www.musicboom.it

"Hal Flavin EP review (2009)"

Robotic electro funk of a damn fine-sized proportion, something to slap any side of your body with-especially the thigh! Genius!
http://www.subba-cultcha.com/singles.php?id=23 - SUBBA-CULTCHA

"Hal Flavin: The Talk review by Adrian Huggins (2011)"

(...) Hal Flavin hail from Luxembourg and have quite a unique sound in which occasional screeches of guitars are set against a backdrop of noisy drums machines and synthesizers and some wicked Justice style bass lines. Having supported the likes of Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Metronomy, the band are in good company as these are worthy adversaries to be likened to. (...) - www.pennyblackmusic.co.uk

"Hal Flavin gig review (L'International - Paris) 2010"

(...) La soirée commence très fort avec Hal Flavin, groupe luxembourgeois qui, loin d’avoir l’énergie dans sa poche, aurait pu enflammer une salle autrement plus grande que celle de l’International. Qu’à cela ne tienne, les décharges électriques nous provenant de la scène sont d’autant plus puissantes. Leur électro rock, distillée via un trio talentueux (guitare, basse, sound system/chant) et fusionnel, flirte avec une trip hop tantôt lancinante, tantôt épileptique. À cela, s’ajoute un jeu de scène simple, efficace et diablement synchro. Il n’y avait pas meilleurs ingrédients pour chauffer la salle ! (...)
- L'opinion du Suricate (blog)

"Hal Flavin at Sonic Visions showcase & conference festival (2010)"

Streets ahead were Hal Flavin, a stylish three-piece from Esch-sur-Alzette that refracted early Midge Ure-era Ultravox through an almost hardcore punk edge. Although it sounds unpromising, their set-closing overhaul of Eurythmics's “Here Comes the Rain Again” was terrifically compelling (...) And with Hal Flavin, Luxembourg can be confident that there's already a local role model. (...) - Kieron Tyler - theartsdesk blog, MOJO


Hal Flavin - s.t. EP - 2008 (LILI IS PI Records)
Hal Flavin - Roughs 2009
Hal Flavin - Enter:Exit (live at 24 Heures Electroniques 2010)
Hal Flavin - Wheel of Fortune (dragon edit) 2010
Hal Flavin - The Talk (Watt Blizzard Music) - Physical release: 29 April 2011 / Digital release: 6 May 2011



Hal Flavin was formed in Luxembourg by two revenants from Europe’s capitals and a ferocious indigen. The recipe of their music features electropop song structures and beats, modified samples, distillations of rock drive and a chunk of edgy synth-pop. Compared by some listeners to Hurts, The Talking Heads or Röyksopp respectively, their sound has a hybrid ambiguity that sets it apart.

They supported the likes of Metronomy, IAMX, The Faint, Fujiya & Miyagi, Does It Offend You, Yeah! or Birdy Nam Nam and played at festivals like Eurosonic Noorderslag, and Italia Wave Love (w. Placebo, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin…). A series of gigs in the UK, France, Italy, Benelux and the Czech Republic has earned them the reputation of a thrilling live band with fusional energy.

In April 2011 Hal Flavin released their second self-produced Ep "The Talk" which was well received by the press (UK, Italy, France...) and the audience. In May and June the band toured the UK and France and played at festivals such as Liverpool Soundcity (UK) and Europavox (F)

Hal Flavin are currently working on a first full-length album.

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