Halflight make passionate, emotionally charged pop music that encompasses influences from Regina Spektor to Blondie, Fleetwood Mac to Imogen Heap. They sound like no-one else. With personal lyrics that draw you into the life of the singer, Halflight are once seen, never forgotten.


So you play a last minute acoustic gig at a small Cardiff Bar. Try out a few new songs, sell a few CD's. A 'London music-industry bod' just happens to be entertaining some business clients at this bar and loves what he hears. He gives you his card. You're cynical and unexcited and leave early cos the headline act is terrible. A year later this 'music-industry bod' chucks in his well paid city job and nice London pad and moves to a remote cottage in the Brecon Beacons to record your album. You'd get excited wouldn't you? Sarah Howells doesn't.

Sarah only gets excited when she's standing in front of room full of people with a guitar in her hands.
In those moments before the first few notes ring out.

Having supported acts such as Gossip, Johnathan Rice, Jim Noir, James Morrison and Sandi Thom, the Halflight sound has reached many different audiences.

Halflight began at the end of 2003 after Sarah Howells previous band Jylt, tragically came to an end. Bassist, singer and best friend, Nia George had been diagnosed with Leukaemia and eventually died of the illness at only 21. Despite the indescribable sense of loss and despair this brought, Sarah was compelled to continue writing and performing and out of this, Halflight was born.


Subside EP - 2004
Pick Me EP - 2005

New Material produced by Tim Rushent and Mixed by Head recorded in 2006 and pending release this year.

Set List

1. Orange Lights
2. Worship
3. Give it back
4. Lose the Lasso
5. Pick Me
6. Mari
7. Sing it
8. When we Danced

Halflight generally play for 25-40 minutes depending on venue requirements. They don't play covers.