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"A group of 7 friends walk through Linkin Park, meet up w/ Eminem while having a drink with Kid Rock and they jump Rob Zombie and beat his ass with a Tool & a Slipknot then they put Alice In Chains and had their way with her"


"Halflip" comes from different bands from pa, while sitting in Mozez's home studio just writing and recording songs.
They might of all lived in different parts of PA. but, growing up they all went to the same high school and at one point or another were in bands together Dan and Mozez(Eric Hogan) grew up playing in and out of bands all through out school. While Mo was playing with another band, then those bands parted with everyone going there separate ways. Mozez went towards more of a hip hop vibe "D.O.L" with paul producing the beats for d.o.l. and curt would play for "lost in doubt" and Dan, steve and Mo picked up and started a hardcore band named "Fleshwound" and recruted ben from a band called g.b.a ,as Mozez continued year after year working on "D.O.L" and "The Deadly Venom",and curt would keep going with "l.i.d", "Fleshwound" was slowly falling apart then Dan and Mo and steve went on to start a band called "After Autumn", "After Autumn" went well for a few years then would fizz out eventually.
Mo,Dan and steve would part there ways joining different bands. Dan and ben went to "Silencelost" and Mo would go to "The Ninth Plague" steve went to "hate by design" as Mozez was holding strong with "The Deadly Venom"....and paul went to fullsail school for recording arts ,
and now they have all come together to create what they all had visioned in there heads...and thats "Halflip"
"Halflip" wants to send a different message. So they decide to see how far the "Halflip" project would take them and how many ears would listen to what they have to say. So listen close.......

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Set List

1.Back against the wall
3.Takes the fall
4.Drink myself to death

we have more tracks if necessary.