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Half Past Four

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
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Half Past Four is a rock band that explores the limits of musical form. They experiment in every direction possible and their intention is to create music which is smart, novel and is planted in the context of the progressive genre with much compositional debt owed to the pioneers of progressive rock and jazz.


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Building on rich traditions of classic progressive rock, this quintet beautifully marries the intricate complexity of neo-progressive time signatures with deep meaningful lyrical poetry and stories, adding a healthy dose of head-banging riffs and blistering solos! Whether you are new to progressive rock and you have never heard stuff like this before or you are a seasoned, savvy listener, you will be very pleasantly surprised. Welcome friend, Half Past Four was expecting you.

Half Past Four has been writing and playing for over 9 years. Based in Toronto, Canada the quintet has performed on many stages in North America. In 2006, they scored the horror "zomedy" movie, The Mad starring Billy Zane. In late 2008 they released their internationally celebrated debut album Rabbit in the Vestibule, and soon after introduced three well-received music videos to accompany it. In April 2013 the band has released a second album, titled "Good Things" that is picking up critical acclaim around the globe.  

Half Past Four's story telling is founded in their skilled musical craftsmanship and rich lyrical prose and is complimented by their exciting stage presence and instrumental virtuosity. Their live shows are an eclectic mix of music, cinema and theatre, augmented by elaborate costumes, projections and special effects.



Written By: Half Past Four

Wishes floating to the ground
Coming down to find the soil
Rabbit holes to wonderland
All embracing mortal coil

Seedling wishes in the air
Falling to the stony ground
Chances blowing by your hand
Never championed by the hare

We slouch in corners
Apart from the crowds
Taking turns together
Planning the taking over

Conversation afterglow
Basking in the under tow
Now I sit with you again
Reunited with my friend


Written By: Half Past Four

She stood against the suffocating wind
And contemplated what it felt like to fall
She was aware of every bone and nerve
She realized the change was bound to come to her

She woke up to the voice inside her head
Calling so sweetly that she knew it was real
It said it's time to speak up to the world
A magic power that makes you able to heal

Stones they fell and lightning struck
And rock turned into crumbling dust
The world she knew and the clothes she wore
And the thoughts that coursed through her trembling mind
Vacated as she stood over the world that she knew
The clouds then opened and Biel's light slanted towards her.

Her gold mane glistened in the milky light
She was a painted doll and handsome steed
She raced Biel around the crimson night
She was the mother of a billion mouths to feed.

Hands outstretched and the camera lights
As the word spread wide and her mother said
Don't say anything, don't tell anyone
In hushed tones she plead her will
But the ones who trumpet are the six headed beast…
So she hid away and kept very still

But how can she keep it a secret
When she has the power to heal?
She the one with the brand new answer
As she sees all the followers kneel
She wished it was all just a show
But she know what she knows
That they'll reap what they've sown
No longer a mere mortal
She belongs to BIEL

They clung to the old god while everything changed
They didn't watch earth as it rearranged
Your life is based on constant growth and birth
Why shouldn't your god reflect nature on earth?

There is no one by that name here anymore
You could say the holy database is not up to date.
Now the new God is ready to be heard
We'll debut the new ONE after this word…

Every swear word is gone away
No one curses to the sky
No one prays to anyone: not Buddha not Yahweh.
She hears the earth excrete a mighty yell
Just one word: BIEL BIEL
Not heaven and not hell
Not a savior and not a spell

Without a word she looked below and thought
of when so long ago she wondered what
it would be like to fall into earth
and like an angel live and breath re-birth
without a sound she took a mighty breath
and saw that all there was left for her was death
without a word she smiled and touched Biel
and then she found out what it felt like when she fell.

And the earth rests
And there is no war
No one speaks here anymore…
No one fights here anymore..
No one lives here anymore…
Nothing left to buy or sell
In the name of BIEL….

Southern Boogie

Written By: Half Past Four

The sands of time are turning into snow
The flocks are headed south
And down there, down south
The drinks are on the house
You’re dancing all night long
And don’t belong

It’s always autumn, even May
The dogs are barking in the rain
I’m just a stranger lurking on my own
The bed is smirking, ceiling low
The temperature is way below
Your vacant eyes have lost their glow

I write you letters while asleep
The train of thought is hard to keep
The fare you bargained, turned out counterfeit
And down there, down south
Where all this nonsense doesn’t count
It keeps shifting with the flow
It’s time to go…


Written By: Half Past Four

Measure by measure
The dream begins
Perfect mother nature’s
Multitude of sins

Washing hands
They must be clean
Bringing out the things I need
Pinches of this and that
Chemistry biology and agriculture

Stirring up the mixture
Up to elbows like white gloves
Apron unrecognizable
Too soiled to wipe the hands on
Pictures make it look so good
Show it to the neighbourhood
Good things come to those who wait
Glass of wine don’t hesitate

Sitting in the silence
Picturing the outcome
Filling in the spaces
Where you will soon appear
Feeling movement from within
Buying things to put you in
Preparation will be wise
Turn the tiny light on watch you rise

Turn the tiny light on
Watch you rise…

Eve cracks and peers out
Passed from one half to another
Releasing from its cozy shell
Into the waiting arms of mother
Warm aroma gathering
perfectly baked welcoming
Hey mom Adam’s home!!


-Winter 2005: Half Past Four Self Titled EP
-Fall 2008: Rabbit in the Vestibule -full length album
-Spring 2013: Good Things - full length album

This album is featured on many radio stations all around the world.
most recently: www.starshipoverflow.com
CKIA 88.3 FM Quebec city. http://www.meduse.org/ckiafm/ckia128.mp3.m3u
ProgRock radio's show Epic Prog: 8PM at http://www.progrock.com/
106.5 MHz Nurenberg at 8pm German time (2pm EST) on the Progdependent
radio show.

and many many more

Set List

Half Past Four can play any and all music from both of their albums with total length of over 2 hours.