Half Past Whatever

Half Past Whatever

 Innsbruck, Tyrol, AUT

We're the band Half Past Whatever, founded in November 2010. Our genre is something like alternative pop/rock, but it's hard to say, it's a new and fresh sound.


We all live near Innsbruck. We were founded in November 2010 and in the summerof 2011 we won the national band contest organized by Red Bull.

Our sound is kind of a alternative pop/rock genre, influences are acts from different genres, mainly from the mainstream pop/rock....
If you want to know the difference, you should listen to one of our songs or visit a concert of us.


Bye Bye Love

Written By: Half Past Whatever

1st Verse: So I woke up next to a stranger today | I didn´t know her name | what did I do |´Cause I knew you were on the other side | waiting for my call | So I put both hands over my head | what the hell is wrong with me | this will ´cause some jealousy | But I´m sixteen I ain´t no little kid | so I´ll meet you straight away | to tell you what I did | Chorus: Why won´t you cry | when I say goodbye | bye bye love | And why won´t you die inside | when I stab you from behind | why won´t you love | 2nd Verse: Now I know your not a jealous girl | but this must´ve put your head into a nasty whirl | And I know that you´re in love with me | so why won´t you turn into a misery | Now I know you´re burning up inside | waiting for the right time to get me right | But I don´t see nothing on the outside | thought two hurricanes will collide | when you find out | Chorus | Bridge: Haha I ain´t stupid | I knew you were never cupid | about me, don´t you see | This was never real | wanna know how I feel | never was in love with you |´cause I´m just a little player too | yeah I´m just a little player too | Chorus | Chorus


Written By: Half Past Whatever

1st Verse: Raindrops at noon in November | chasing me home | And the furthest that I could remember | you in my arms, the world in my arms | Chorus: Raindrops fall of my nose tip | teardrops fall outta my eyelid | Bruises will keep me awake for a while | would you stay, if I smile | 2nd Verse: A kiss on the lips in the moonlight | till the dawn lightens up our eyes | Take your shades of in the sunlight | see your eyes catch fire | feel my heartbeat rise higher | Chorus | Bridge: Then the sun went down | a storm came to take us in | we ducked for cover | but the clouds would win | You crushed my soul | and you knocked me out | and now the spark is fully out. Now I´m broken | Chorus | Chorus

Big Fat Jerk

Written By: Half Past Whatever

1st Verse: You heard stories | well they‘re true | I´m not the kind who will fall for you | Rumor has it | I play a game | so darling pull back when you hear my name | All you´ll achieve | is a broken heart | and your pride will be torn apart |´Cause I‘ll get you | with a charm | but you´d never think I‘d do you harm | Pre-Chorus: So don´t go wasting your hopes on me | Chances are you´ll end up in a misery | Chorus: Cause I‘m down, I‘m down, I‘m down, I‘m down | I‘m down on hurting you | And I won‘t, I won‘t, I won‘t, I won‘t | I won‘t ever fall for you | cause I‘m playin‘, I‘m playin‘, I‘m playin‘, I‘m playin‘, I‘m playin‘, I‘m playin‘ | I‘m playin‘ a game | so I won‘t, I won‘t, I won‘t, I won‘t, I won‘t | I won‘t ever feel the same | Cause I‘m just a big fat jerk | 2nd Verse: Darling, I love you | and I need you | don´t dare buy it cause it isn´t true | My only goal | you in my bed | and after that I‘ll be stuck in your head | I don´t want love | I just want fun | and you´ll be stunned how many times you´ll come | But after that | I won‘t stay | but you´ll come running after anyway | Pre-Chorus | Chorus | Bridge: I won´t ever settle down | I won´t stop coming around | so I‘ll tell you from the start | you will never win my heart | Chorus

It's Ok To Be Gay

Written By: Half Past Whatever

1st Verse: Came out to my friends two months ago | but now now now they finally know | that I don‘t like what any other girl likes | I like what all the other dykes like | I like sipping out the fairy cup | I don‘t like that what stays and stands up | Chorus: Cause it´s ok to be gay | it´s ok for you to now turn away | and now that you know | that I‘m a fucking homo | there´s no need to be here | close your eyes, cause I‘m a filthy queer | 2nd Verse: I´m in the group of shitstabbers and carpetmunchers | I‘m in the line of dicksuckers and forestcrunchers | I admit I like long hair and fully tits | I admit don´t like the v-hole just a little bit | Come on let‘s have a party on Christopher street day | come on let all your homophobic thoughts turn away | Chorus | Bridge: I never chose to be like this | I just don´t mind a little lezzie kiss | be disgusted I don‘t care | don‘t mind if I‘m neglected everywhere | I‘m just who I am and I wont fake it | so go and kiss my arse if you can‘t take it | Chorus | Chorus

Hello Bitch

Written By: Half Past Whatever

1st Verse: Hello you bitch | from time to time you switch | from good to bad | I‘m something that you never had | Hello you whore | you´ll never be adored | and I just took the piss outta you | I hope now you´re feeling blue | Pre-Chorus: Cause have I told you lately | that you´re absolutely crazy | Chorus: I hope you die real slow | and just so you know | I never was in love with you | and now you´re playing the fool | I hope you never find love | and if you haven´t had enough | oh here´s the stinky finger for you | all I got to say is fuck you | 2nd Verse: You thought I´d never find out | what you talk with your metal mouth | and just too naive | and so naive to believe | that you were something for that I cared | and you honestly thought we shared | some kind of love connection | well listen up gimme your attention | Pre-Chorus | Chorus | Bridge: All I got to say, I got to say | I got to say, I got to say is fuck you | Chorus


- Single Amela (10/2011 - Album: Anything The Redhead Said)
- Studio Album "Anything The Redhead Said"

Set List

- Bye Bye Love
- Amela
- It’s Ok To Be Gay
- Hello Bitch
- Big Fat Jerk
- When She’s Drunk
- Cigarette
- Cause I’m High
- Love Wasted
- Smile
- Katharina
- Little Peace Song
- One Night Stand