Half Raptor

Half Raptor


melodic pop punk influnces from every corner of music


we started after true gritt broke up braden and forrest were friends with clay and had jamed with prior to our 2nd true gritt tour, and mitch was a long time friend. we are influenced from artists like bruce springsteen, squad 5-0, and alkaline trio. what seperates us from other bands is our need to play music to be happy people, we our probaly one of the only bands left in arkansas that uses a single pedal rather than to metal bands, we want to tour, we want to make record, we just want to have fun with it.


we have no radio play, other than a college radio station, we are working on our first full length and working on doing a split 45 single with another band.

Set List

Andy Warr/Candy Apple D/Back of my Head/Take a Wait/It Gets Hard/ Sweeden Island/ we do one cover "strutter" by kiss