Half Step Down

Half Step Down


An eclectic mix of blues and rock n roll with undertones of funk. Sometimes borrowing from heavier alternative sounds and sometimes fusing with Indian elements.


Half Step Down is a blues-rock band with influences ranging from Cream, Hendrix, Allman Brothers, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin and Dave Matthews. Our sound essentially blues based rock n roll, we have been lately trying to incorporate elements of Indian music into it as well. The band has always maintained that having fun while playing music is of utmost importance and continues to do so. The nomenclature of the band is derived from the fact that the band tunes it guitars on D# which is half step down from standard tuning pitch. Our songs are about everyday experiences ranging from what we feel about maintaining peace to how tough it is to write a good song. We are in the process of recording our album presently.

Half Step Down rose from the ashes of a college band, when Dhaval and Rudy decided that they wanted to continue playing music. They started their search for like-minded musicians and soon Jishnu and Srijan joined in on guitars and drums. Recently, Karan has joined on rhythm and backing vocals and Nikhil has replaced Rudy on bass.Each member of the band brings to the music his varied influences, which come together to make the music of Half Step Down.


1.Knocking at the back of my head
2.Girl not Guitar
3.Overture to Outerspace
These three tracks have been recieving airplay on soundclick, as well on local radio and many nationwide television channels.

Set List

A usual setlist of ours would have around 80-90% original music. They are usually 60-90 minutes long. When we play covers, they are usually twisted around to give them a new feel. Bands we cover sometimes include- Dave Matthews band, STP, Led Zeppeling and the Doors.