Halfway Heroes

Halfway Heroes


After releasing their single titled "DeLorean" and coming 4th in the preliminary rounds of the LME showcase, which allowed them to advance to the next round. Halfway Heroes have started to gain a loyal fan base and are now ready to hit the road and tour and record their EP.


Halfway Heroes has spent over half a decade amassing a body of work that has grown up with the band's tastes and talents. Their inception was awsomely cliche: friends, Dom, Eric, and James met in high school with a similar enjoyment of music. Together the three began to create melodic guitar riffs and big thrashing drums that would soon later be complimented by their bass player Hope Bozzo.

Their unconventional taste in sound and style have remained robust and influential in their music and have only deepened the breadth and originality of the band.

Natalie's (the bands new found vocalist) pitch perfect vocals stand front to the bands progressively tempered sound; her influence on the bands music is always meaningful and inspired.

Together the five have oriented their music towards an aesthetic experience; one that is grounded in passion that's at once solemn in "DeLorean" or "The Edge" and other times rabid in such songs as "Welcome To Oakhaven" and "Clouds". Each displaying the bands versatility.

In an age of fair-weather music, Halfway Heroes want to stand up to the challenges of experimental sound by injecting the music scene with an experience that is unpredictable and fresh. Their Goal? To produce music that is open to anyone willing to take the Journey


Single: DeLorean (released September 2012)
Ep: Everywhere Is Nowhere (release date: mid 2013)