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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Halfway Hollow is serious about music, but not itself"

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Halfway Hollow is serious about music, but not itself
By Chris Quay

Halfway Hollow, from left: Marcus Hill, Jason Karsner, Adam Carby and Steve Young.
Bands have to be fiery and arrogant — it's in their genetic makeup. Especially bands that sport young men full of energy and hopes of stardom like Halfway Hollow.

A trip to the band's website, www.halfwayhollow.com, reveals the usual web fare, but what may catch your attention is the listing of each band member's favorite sexual position.

Whether the "inkie dinkie stinky flip" or "the retro donkey punch into an inverted Dirty Sanchez" are actual positions is beside the point. The point is that Halfway Hollow has no problem poking fun at itself.

Take 23-year-old singer Jason Karsner's word for it when he admits he was only trying to come up with "something stupid" for their bios.

And unlike other bands that may take themselves too seriously, Halfway Hollow is at a point where it's comfortable with its mission of having fun, giving the crowd a good show and rocking your socks off.


Karsner and guitarist Steve Young, 22, met through some friends during high school in '99 and began using Young's garage in Fern Creek as their personal studio.

They were a duo for about a year until Adam Carby, 19, and Marcus Hill, 22, joined up to play drums and bass. Ever since, the four Fern Creek musicians have been playing and writing songs seriously for about four years.


Post-hardcore seems to fit. Screamo isn't off-base, either.

Either label suits the band just fine, and Karsner makes no secret of the band's intentions when he says it is "trying to be what's kind of popular with the younger crowd."

Karsner considers the band to be in the same neighborhood as Atreyu or Funeral For A Friend, but regardless if it's punk-pop, hardcore or metal, Karsner says "we're all feeling it."


The band is about halfway finished recording an album scheduled for release in the next couple of months.

Karsner and company will stay busy with live shows at Bulldog Café in Fairdale on Friday, Jillian's Amsterjam Band Battle on July 28, a free show at Bar Louisville that same night and a July 30 show at Derek's Bar & Grill.

Last year, Halfway Hollow released an EP that is no longer in stores, but the songs are available through the band's website.

According to Karsner, the band will get some regional exposure via a punk rock compilation coming out of Chicago in September or October.

Exposure and studio time are essential, but Karsner says the guys get more energized for live shows.

"We really like that energy on stage," he says. "It doesn't matter who's watching us. If it's two people or 2,000 people, we're the same band."

- Velocity Weekly


Here's the Instructions on How to Destroy Me - 2005
Monster Toy - 2004
An All Time Low - 2003

Radio Play
"Kill the Revenge" - 2005 (July) WLRS
"My Consequence" - 2005 this has played during regular rotation on WTFX and WLRS in Louisville, Ky
"Glory of a Lost Cause" - 2004 WLRS and WTFX
"Frame 3:13" - 2004 WLRS and WTFX


Feeling a bit camera shy


Our band started in Steve's garage, in Louisville, Ky, back in 1999 with an entirely different line up. we started playing cover songs the very first day. after we realized the very first day that playing our own music was way more fun than playing someone elses. its been like that ever since.
This line up started in early 2000. We all went to high school together. We all were friends before we started the band. We have a tight group of friends that help us out. We've been able to grow together as a team and figure out what we need to do to get to the next level each time we step up.

We started recording back in early 99. Not that our band was that good then... we got the expierence. We've recorded in many studios here locally. Including Shout Rec., Canyon Studios, Head First Media, and recently 717 Studios. We have also recorded our own demo at home that didn't sound too bad. We have learned first hand what to do and what not to do in the studio.

the bands we sound like: Rise Against, Funeral for a Friend, Underoath, Atreyu, Silverstein, unwritten law...
we are set apart from other bands because of our live show and we have found our own sound.