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Halfway Legal @ Wise Guys

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Halfway Legal @ Bitter End

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Halfway Legal @ Wise Guys

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio, Texas, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Press Release

Halfway Legal® Rocks San Antonio!

Jaik Yanez – Bass and lead vocals
David Work – Guitar and backing vocals
Steven Work – Drums and backing vocals

Band promoting their debut album Milestones while hitting the best venues in San Antonio
San Antonio: After a long hiatus, Halfway Legal is back on the San Antonio streets providing hard hitting rock originals mixed with a wide variety of covers from the classics to the latest chart toppers. Featured in their show are many new songs from their debut album Milestones. Recorded in Frog Leg Studios, Milestones takes the listener through the trials and tribulations of life. From “Party at Bob’s” a tale of a wild night at a magical party, to “For Me and My Friends”, a song outlining unbridled youth and a fond memory of days past, Milestones delivers a mental travel through the complexities of common experiences. With their musical roots grounded firmly in classic rock, the members of Halfway Legal deliver an album that will stand the test of time; eclectic yet pointed.

David Work says, “When we put this album together, we wrote about our lives’ experiences. It came together so easy. The great thing is that when someone hears our music, they swear that we wrote the songs about them. We put together a collection of encounters and events. The lyrics speak to people’s emotions; they have connection.” Steven Work added, “We learned a lot through our debut album. It’s gratifying to see the hard work pay off.”

The complete track listing of Milestones is below:

Party @ Bob's (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work)
Home (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work)
Paranoia (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work)
You Gave Me My Name (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work)
For Me and My Friends (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work)
You vs. Me (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work)
Here's To Good Men (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work)
Revelation Highway (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work)
Atreyu's Lullaby (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work, Marcelo)
Welcome To Your Life (Yanez, D. Work, S. Work)

Their album Milestones will be available to buy at their shows. Their album can also be purchased on I-Tunes and Rhapsody.
Check out their website www.hafwaylegal.com or www.myspace.com/halfwaylegal for more information and the latest performance dates.


- Halfway Legal

Halfway Legal were at their finest this past Friday night at The Bitter End!

I have seen Halfway Legal play many times at multiple venues, but this was by far their best show. They are a unique band, playing songs that most four or five piece bands wouldn't even think about because of the complexity of the songs.

It is a breath of fresh air not to hear all of today's top 50 rock hits.

Instead, when you sit in the crowd at a Halfway Legal show, it doesn't matter your age or taste because they work in music that everyone can enjoy. Friday night the members of Halfway Legal did just that.

The crowd was on their toes waiting to hear what was going to be next, ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers...to Black Sabbath...to Buck Cherry...to Led Zeppelin...to Hoobastank...to Rush and so much more. Their song choices are amazing, the talent is overflowing, they have a stage presence like no other band and the crowd was in awe.

This band truly has chemistry together and it is evident in each show. Friday's show put the cherry on top. I have been to that bar before many times when Halfway Legal was not playing, and have never seen a crowd like they had. Their fan base is large and getting larger every day.

I would recommend to any one who has not seen them before, to check them out, you will not be disappointed. For those who have seen them, continue checking them out because the shows get better each time.

Best of Luck,
Alexis Marcelo - SA Rocks Blog: Alexis Marcelo, correspondent



Halfway Legal: MILESTONES (2007)
Available at shows, iTunes Worldwide, Rhapsody.com

Played on Texas Traxx on 99.5 KISS, San Antonio, TX.



Halfway Legal was formed in January of 2004 by singer and bass player, Jaik Yanez, guitarist, David Work, and drummer, Steve Work. Though they were only in their teens, with the guidance from their manager Dave, they became a very tight and professional band that stunned audiences with their wide range of songs, energy, and talent. After being together for 3 years, the members took a break from playing shows to go to school to learn about the music business and audio engineering. During their endeavors they wrote and recorded their first album, MILESTONES. After the album had been recorded, the band decided to move back to San Antonio to focus on promoting the band and album. Milestones was released on July 5th, 2007 at their shows, and online stores such as iTunes, and Rhapsody. Since the release of the album, the band gained thousands of fans, that include several thousand friends on MySpace, along with over 16,000 site views, 12,000 plays, and have played countless shows since then. In October of 2008, the band decided to further their musical abilities by adding a full time bass player, Marvin Perez, formerly of a local rock band, Down Cycle. Marvin had been in several bands before including touring acts, but his big break came when he was asked to travel to Chicago to audition for the Multi-Platinum selling band, DISTURBED. In January of 2009, Jaik decided to further his education and pursue a degree in music. The band, along with Jaik, stumbled across an acoustic performer and singer, James Barclay who opened for one of their shows. With almost 10 years of songwriting and performing under his belt, and killer vocals, James was the perfect pick for the band to continue playing and creating music.
Halfway Legal is still one of the most top booked bands in San Antonio and has been nominated for several San Antonio Music Awards including “Best New Rock Band.” The band plans on going into the studio late this spring to record and finish their sophomore album. More great things on the horizon for Halfway Legal include, a full Yorkville sound system with over 10,000 watts of power, and a new lighting system including four moving head fixtures.