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The best kept secret in music



I don’t even know where to start with this one. When I first heard I was going to be writing a review of Hall 13 I was excited because as far as bands go, national or otherwise, this one has to be one of my absolute favorites. There’s nothing quite like seeing Hall 13 play live. With a sound reminiscent of early Tool, the power and presence this band displays is incredible to say the least. Every time I see them perform it’s like an entirely new experience. It just never seems to get old. The band is comprised of three people which assists in lending them one of their, in my opinion, most attractive features: their deep and driving bass sound. The 3 members that make up Hall 13 are Jorge, who covers bass and vocals and never ceases to keep the crowd motivated. Josh on drums (I won’t even get into some of his stage antics), and Tom, whom I consider to be one of the most incredible guitar players I've ever met (I imagine it would be difficult for most anyone to watch him play and not feel at least slightly intimidated). Not to downplay the abilities of the other two members of course because it’s all of their combined talents that make this band the powerhouse it is. The deep pulse-pounding energy this band emits live, plays through vibrantly well on CD. Every time I put this album into my player it’s impossible not to feel the urge to just get up and move. This album includes the songs “Say Goodbye”, “In Your Face”, “Broken” and of course the fan favorite, “Mind Trip”. Currently this is the only available CD but their new one is already out of the studio and should be available by the time you read this. If you don’t already own a copy I suggest obtaining one because if you’re a fan of heavy, hard-hitting music like me, you’re sure to find something here you like.

Punk Rock Rick
- Punk Rock Rick

"Get Out Magazine"

Jammin’ beats, catchy vocals and nice guitar breaks make up the pop-punk of Hall 13. Bassist and frontman Jorge Hernandez sings rather than screams, and his vocals are simple but not too simple for them to become boring. The band has plenty of energy in its music, and the five songs that make up this CD sound great whether you're relaxing or getting ready to go out. Hall 13 uses different tempos and makes interesting use of melodies, but their songs still recall those of other more well-known pop-punk acts. Overall, the disc is pleasant if not groundbreaking. B

- Tamisha Johnson

"www.azbandwatch.com Hall13 Interview"

We got to see Hall 13 at The Sets in Tempe on February 21, 2004. As usual, the audience went wild! We caught up with the boys after their set...Jorge - the lead singer, Josh - the drummer, and Tom - the guitarist, all sat down with us for an interview:

AZBW: What do you suggest people do to promote local music?

Jorge: Go to the shows! Go to the shows! Go to the shows! That's the reason we're here. Its about the love of playing music. We've been doing it for six years now.

AZBW: How did you arrange to be sponsored by Bud?

Josh: We were at the Old Brickhouse and the Bud representative was there while we were getting ready to do a show. We asked them about sponsoring us and they said: "If you stop drinking Corona, we'll sponsor you!"

AZBW: Jorge, I'm sure all the girls want to know why you changed your hair.

Jorge: Different color, different attitude! Also, I was tired of bleaching so much. I'm going to just let it grow and see what happens.

AZBW: Jorge, since its still February, tell me what was the best Valentine's Day you ever had.

Jorge: I'm not one for Valentine's Day - It's like the number 13 - It's a curse! I've never had good luck on Valentine's Day, and this one was even worse!

AZBW: When you're not playing, do you guys hang out?

Tom: We hardly ever hang together when we're not playing - We all have our own lives.

Jorge: But when we get together to practice, it's magic! We can put together a song in just one sitting.

AZBW: What's your favorite restaurant?

Jorge: Red Lobster

Tom: Einstein's Bagels

Josh: Applebees

AZBW: How about your favorite drink?

The Boys: BUDWEISER!!!

AZBW: Favorite book?

Tom: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Jorge: Insomnia by Stephen King. I actually used to have insomnia.

Josh: Private Pilot Maneuvers by Jefferson. I'm studying to be a pilot. I'll be doing my first solo in a week and a half!

AZBW: What's your favorite movie of all time?

Josh: "Tombstone", the one with Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday / "Platoon" / "Top Gun"

Tom: "Fight Club"

Jorge: For me it's "Breakfast Club". See how different we all are?

AZBW: Are you worried about the local music scene?

Josh: Too many clubs have opened up and that causes a lot of division. People run to one club to see a band, and then go to another to see someone else. Support is good when it's a good night. We have a lot of support from radio stations. I think the valley scene is top notch.

AZBW: Jorge, tell us a little about the upcoming March 13th Rocky Point show with Hall 13, Girl Kicks Boy, Two and a Half Weeks, Point 9 Percent, and Fred Green.

Jorge: It's going to be crazy! They are building a stage for the show. It's going to be at the Pitaya Bar. Next week there is a pre-Rocky Point show at Minder Binders.

AZBW: How do you feel when all the women just want to show you their tits?

Jorge: This is the first f*ckin' time! If feels weird. It almost makes me feel shy... and honored that they want to show me their boobies...

Josh: Just another day in the office!

Tom: I think it should be mandatory!

AZBW: What do you look for in a woman?

Josh: I'm not really a breast man. I am first attracted to the smile and eyes. Anything after that is cool. If a girl is not cool, if she looks like Pam Anderson and is a jerk, forget it!

Jorge: Positive attitude. There is too much negativity already.

Tom: Someone that's attracted to me, is what I look for!
- www.azbandwatch.com


"In Your Face" 2000 6 song ep
In Your Face played on 103.9 The Edge AZ
"You Can't Run From Reality" 2003 5 song ep
(trck 3 "Fade" and Track 4 "Makes No Sense")
Played on 103.9 The Edge, 101.5 The Zone, and 98 KUPD


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hall 13 is an explosive, energetic, and ambitious power trio with a strong work ethic and a passion for music. Hailing from Mesa, AZ, Hall 13 is climbing its way towards the top of the music scene. With their array of melodic and aggressive rock, the band flirts with the edges of punk and alternative leaving many avenues open for exploration and uniqueness to the songwriting.