Hallelujah The Hills

Hallelujah The Hills


Hallelujah The Hills debut album came out on Misra Records in June of 2007. "3 1/2 Stars" - Rolling Stone. "7.0" - Pitchfork. Shit on stage: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Trumpet, Cello, Moog, Samples, 6 people hollering strange lyrics. The band has fun. You have fun. Let's have fun.


Previous bands broke up. People pinballed off each other for awhile and all six musicians ended up in Room 35 of the Sound Museum in Brighton, MA to form a band called Hallelujah The Hills.


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Written By: Ryan Walsh



Collective Psychosis Begone - Misra Records 2007

Album Singles:
Hallelujah The Hills - Music For Robots
Wave Backwards To Massachusetts - KEXP, Music For Robots
Effie's On The Other Side - InSound

Web Singles:
Monster Eyes (Lyrics by Jonathan Lethem) - March 2007. Village Voice.
Let It Wave - October 2007. Stereogum.
Cataloging Candy's Demise - October 2007. Largehearted Boy.

Set List

Any set length is achievable, but we feel most comfortable with 40-45 minutes. We play a mix of songs from "Collective Pyschosis Begone" and unrecorded material.