Henderson, Nevada, USA

The Band is Hallow, a five piece Christian metal band making noise in the Las Vegas scene, we strive to prove that Christian metal isn't just a fading trend, and that Christian metal and metal in general is here to stay. our mission is to make great music with a great message.


If you like us, we adore you.
If you hate us, we still adore you.
Our goals are set either way.
If anything, we just want you to hear us.

There are too many bands in this world who make sacrifices that only hurt their cause. Especially those who claim their faith in Christianity. They either give up originality and emotion for acceptance in the "religious" community, or all together cover up a once straightforward message about their mission as a band. We are sick and tired of this "American" Christianity as it has so been called.
and messages of a distorted and cultivated faith are things we want nothing to do with.
We have one purpose as a band and that is to show the world a side of Christianity that is not a religion, that does not display ignorance, and gives hope to those who need it most. We are Hallow and we are rising up from the darkness of Sin City.


Just completed the demo that we have streaming on this website.

Set List

We try to make every show different from the last one, the staples for our shows however, are Church Celebrity, Save Me, Desperate, and Abomination Before Desecration. we also like to have fun with our set list and throw in a cover of a pop singer, like Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone.