Hallowed Hysteria

Hallowed Hysteria


Heavy fucking metal, all the way. Wicked guitar licks, and in your face vocal assaults. Bass that won't let your feet stop moving, and a powerful uncontemporary drumming style that can only be described as. Hallowed Hysteria.


To fully explain the orgins of the band, we started as a blues band. We're best friends that met up on the weekends to hang out and play music. The band then consisted of Andy, Jordan, and Dylan. Taylor was added to vocals, and our venture into racking our tormented minds, and translating them to metal. Began flawlessly. We understood from very early on, to do this for the love. Or, in our case most often. The pent up rage. We've played shows around Iowa with some sweet bands, but as a 4-piece, we weren't completely ready to put songs onto recordings. We added rythm guitarist Colton Welch, and are currently getting ready for more shows and recordings (fucken right)

Oh, and our second year as a [gigging?] band. And.. Our ages range from 16-19


Live at Shooters Hideaway - (on our myspace)

Set List

Pits Of the Fallen
Rest your Head
Vengeance is BliSS
Hallowed Hysteria
Water and Oil (Poetry-whores)
Trials and Tribulations

Our sets usually last between 25-35 minutes. We like short and sweet. But, we've been known to pull random songs out of our ass to cover time if allowed more. Like Wild Thing ><.. Hah, oops. Sorry :\ ..