Hallway Ballers

Hallway Ballers


Hallway Ballers music began with friends hanging out in Moss Landing singing, rhyming, playing acoustic guitars and beat boxing. These are the roots extending the band to coastal communities and beyond. Be true to who you are and feel good about it.


The Hallway Ballers are a close niche group whose music, brotherhood & influence runs deep from all the sunny & shady points of the Monterey Bay. The group started with a couple friends whose common interest in the beach & music brought them together. Brothers Raphael & David Grijalva & good friend Nate Heidi slowly began jamming wherever they could. Whether freestyling over a beatboxing 40 bottle or jamming acoustic guitars & a conga drum, the group of friends always strived to make good music. The Hallway Ballers took another step forward when they formed into a complete band & picked up drummer Adam Huntress. Adam's beats brought the finishing touch to the life influenced music they create today. The Hallway Ballers have since played numerous shows and are continuing their dreams with the release of their self-titled album.


Hallway Ballers Self-Titled LP

Set List

Don't Stop
40's to Our Faces
Wicked Finger
Take Me Back To Cali
Take It All
Ballin' Ain't Easy
Stormy Weather
Green For Green
Cold Wind
No Time
Daddy Don't Like My Style
California Prunetucky
Feelin' Tight
Devil Makes It So Damn Easy
Waitin For Tonight