Hallways brands a unique style of alt. country rock with a psychedelic edge. With soulful, dynamic live energy, the five-piece supports strong vocals and harmonies, a multi-instrumentalist and driving rhythm section.


HALLWAYS debut album, Ghosts, is "nothing if not perfectly titled. There are ghosts all over this disc, from the demons that dominate the lyrics to the ghostly moans of horns and musical saws in the background." -Sound Magazine

The romance between singer/songwriters Grant Burton and Stephanie Parrish inspired the two to form a band when they met in 2007. With strong vocals, haunting harmonies and the compliment of Parrish on piano and Burton playing guitar, the duo began writing, singing and performing together, as both a catharsis to their pasts and a love letter to their future.

During the recording of Ghosts, the duo began experimenting with extraordinary local talent: multi-instrumentalist Kimo Muraki, drummer Brian Pappenfuss and bassist Shane Herrell. Now a full five piece ensemble, with touches of psychedelic folk, alternative country and indie rock, HALLWAYS has earned a reputation for their strong live performance. "After seeing them live, we are absolutely believers and we’re paying attention now." - Sound on the Sound

HALLWAYS was selected on behalf of Seattle Weekly as a stand-out act of 2009 and has performed at Georgetown Music Festival, Reverb Festival, Burning Beast and venues such as Neumos, Comet Tavern, Cha Cha Lounge and The Tractor Tavern. HALLWAYS continues to experiment and build on their unique sound, which has been called unclassifiable by their fans. "This is a band whose greatest asset is attacking its music with a certain abandon, leaving the songs to assert themselves." -Sound Magazine

Stand out tracks are streaming live on KEXP.org and receiving Radio Airplay on KEXP 90.3 FM.

DJ John Richards picked the single, "All You Have To Do" for KEXP's FREE Song of the Day Podcast on Friday, July 24th, 2009.

Influences include Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Gram Parsons & EmmyLou Harris and Yoko Ono & John Lennon.


In The Meantime

Written By: Stephanie Parrish

I will not send ransom notes
with hearts and drops of blood,
spend hours piecing up this mess.
This has become something undone,
an abyss formed for falling.
But of course, it was only me all along.

You say you wanna stay,
but you're leaving anyway.

I don't care you tell yourself
it's not worth caring for.
I'll do nothing send no threats, behave as before. When nothing is as it seemed, in the meantime, in the beginning.

Oh, because of course it was only me
all along.

You say you wanna stay,
but you're leaving anyway.


Written By: Grant Burton

You said you'd walk the line
You said you'd do the time
so why am I, in such a fear
of the way you love me dear

You said that you'd commit
To a life less of hypocrites
Broken promises and hearts of blame
now we walk down the highway
the highway of shame

All these lies for the wrong reasons
Our love is full of treason
Broken promises and hearts of blame
now we walk down the highway
the highway of shame

Roses, in full bloom
lay upon our tomb
of love and hate
this crooked road must come out straight
I can see the water in your eyes
dowsing out the flame
and I'd be surprised if I make it out of this alive


Ghosts (2009, Self-Release LP)
All You Have To Do (2009, Ghosts)
I Do For You (2009, Ghosts)
Roses (2009, Ghosts) All Songs Above Streaming Live on KEXP.org and Radio Airplay on KEXP 90.3 FM

Set List

Set lists can range from 30 minutes to two hours long. HALLWAYS covers Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb. The band can extend or shorten their set on demand.

As Burton and Papenfuss' previous band Spook the Horse broke up in 2007, HALLWAYS has added many of their songs to their live repertoire.