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"Boston Freedom Rally Rocks!"

Boston Freedom Rally rocks!
For 17 years, the Boston Freedom Rally has occupied an important place in the marijuana-legalization movement. On the third Saturday of September, MASS CANN/NORML encourages weed enthusiasts of all ages to come to Boston Common for a day of music and marijuana messages. Yesterday's rally achieved this goal, with more then 20,0000 people stopping by to hear a solid lineup of bands and speakers.

"Twenty-five million people will smoke marijuana this year," High Times' associate publisher Richard Cusick declared. "Fifteen million smoked it last month. Five million people smoked it yesterday. We need to make marijuana legal. Stop arresting innocent citizens!"

A total of 53 innnocent citizens were arrested for doing just that at Freedom Rally. The Boston Police Department circulated a news release stating that "officers will be making arrests for violations of the narcotics laws if they observe such behavior." The release went on to caution that "these arrests will become a permanent part of the individual's criminal hiatory... If you are arrested, ignorance of the law will not be an acceptable excuse."

Despite this police harassment, Freedom Rally went off without a hitch. Two years ago, the event was rained out and due to inclement weather last year underattended. This year, the weather gods took mercy on Freedom Rally and provided a splendid 80-degree, blue-sky day. From hardcore (Superpower, Haloburn) to hip-hop (Primary Others) to alt-rock (The Campaign for Real Time, Casey Desmond), there were plenty of musical choices. Speakers included NORML's Allen St. Pierre, SSDP's Kris Krane, LEAP's Jack Cole, Valerie Vande Panne, and High Times' Danny Danny, Cusick and yours truly. MASS CANN directors Keith Sauders and Steve Epstein (pictured above) emceed the six-hour show.

Afterwards, Danko hosted the Boston Tea Party at an undisclosed location. Numerous strains such as Chem Dog's Snow Dog and OG Kush, and Louie's Creamsicle competed for top honors. The best Boston strain will be announced in a future issue of High Times.

-Steve Bloom
- Blooming Ideas - Steve Bloom

"Haloburn - Doing Things Their Way"

By Andrew Jones

I don’t know of another local metal band that is currently on a faster collision course with success than Haloburn. Since forming in 2003, Haloburn has released two studio albums: 2004’s Unspoken, and their latest work of metal grace, Ouroboros. Though the members have been involved with popular adjourned bands 7th Rail Crew, Indesit, and Headshot, they essentially went back to the starting line and floored it to get to the level of popularity they have in just three years and some change.

And while you may think that writing unrelenting, kickass tunes and promoting non-stop is all these guys have done by themselves to keep this wrecking ball accelerating, there’s even more to it with Ouroboros. Haloburn recorded the entire album entirely by themselves, entirely on their own equipment and in their own studio space. With the latest addition of guitarist Ennio, the band really wanted to recreate themselves for this album from start to finish. This mindset ties into the album’s name, which comes from an ancient symbol that represents an eternal cycle of renewal.

But don’t think that this DIY process in any way hindered the quality of the final work of melodic metal art that is Ouroboros. From the one-two punch and Ozzy-caliber melodies of “Left For Dead” to the haunting harmonies and lyrics of “Down Side Up,” this album’s sound quality and content are equally matched ~ at a very high level.

Another amazing additive to this album’s virtues is the cover art. NYC artist David Stoupakis (the man responsible for the latest Korn album’s artwork) is a friend of the band and has bestowed upon them something as disturbing as it is beautiful. It truly encompasses the feel of the music and will catch the eye of not just metal fans.

The list of famous rock world artists involved doesn’t stop there, though. Haloburn recently worked with local well-known video producer Anthony Jarvis (who has done videos for such bands as Seemless and Killswitch Engage) for the third song on Ouroboros, “In Circles.” The video incorporates the lives of the innocent and the disturbed, and is filmed as though through hallucinogen-influenced eyes.

The Haloburn crew is also going to be recording a new song, based around the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC. The guys told me they are big fans of the UFC and are trying to get on its playlist. Their friend Kenny Florian is an acclaimed fighter, and he will be looking to get Haloburn on the music roster (the band hopes winning a round isn’t a prerequisite).

However you want to put it, Haloburn has their hands all up in the scene like a Tool lyric off of Aenima, and despite the hardships of trying to stand out in the New England market, they’ve done just that. They have played shows alongside huge lists of top acts such as Mushroomhead, Kittie, Nullset, and Ill Nino, just to name very few. Make no mistake, this band WILL be blowing up very soon, so go see them now while it’s not a huge pain in the ass to park. They’ll be playing the Compound on June 9th, and since the show has been very heavily promoted, you’d better get your tickets now if they’re still available. If not, they may have Kenny Florian down there to fight you for a chance to get in (well, if you’re lucky). Otherwise, make sure to check out their new CD, Ouroboros, and their video for “In Circles” on their Myspace page (myspace.com/haloburn). And make sure you also check out these sites, too:

www.kennyflorian.com/ - The Pulse Magazine - June '07 Issue

"Low Budget Superhero - Review"

Let’s review the facts. Haloburn comprises ex-members of hard rockers 7th Rail Crew, Headshot and Indesit. Their debut record (Unspoken) was produced by Jim Foster (Nullset, White). The follow-up release, Ouroboros, boasts cover art by the guy who did the last Korn cover art. Oh yeah, and Haloburn is endorsed by the Pino Bros. Ink guys. So yeah, of course it rocks, that shouldn’t be a big surprise. What IS a big surprise is how, through all the face-melting, hard-hitting aggression on Ouroboros, there’s actually just as much brain as brawn on these eight tracks.

Though it doesn’t get much harder, louder or heavier than Haloburn around here, this is no meathead cock rock. The band issues an introspective, thoughtful musical message of rebirth and renewal, made all the more poignant driven home as it is with relentless rock solid rhythms and even some sophisticated progressive twists. Standouts are “Left for Dead” and “Down Side Up,” which thrills with dynamic rhythmic changes, killer drums on the bridge and a fist-pumping chorus repeating “Why don’t you give it to me.” Also of note, the twin guitar assault in “Force Fed” and “On The Brink” with Alex and Ennio doing their best to play their guitars to sound roughly like an industrial factory functioning at full speed. Showing some breadth and depth, there’s “Hidden Spaces,” a pretty, tuneful, almost prog-inspired instrumental placed near the end just before a searing cover of Bad Brains’ “Soul Craft.”

Fueled in large part by Micah’s raw, aggressive vocals, Haloburn hauls a truckload of Tool-inspired, Pantera-heavy rock with an impressive cargo of guitar power and lyrical originality. Put simply, it’s a badass hard rock release worthy of some attention. Put even more simply, get this record.

- Lexi Kahn
- Low Budget Superhero

"Dissolver Magazine - Review"

Many qualities make up a good band, but a good band which remains good over time has the distinct quality of offering consistently good material with a fresh sound on each new album. The title of Haloburn’s newest EP Ouroboros sums up that idea; it refers to the constant state of renewal which a band must be in to be newly inspiring, invigorating and impression-making. Ouroboros lives up to its name, taking the edge of the band’s previous album (Unspoken) and pushing it through a process of reincarnation, turning out a product which has higher energy and stronger musical skills than what came before it while retaining the metal heart which made the band stand out during its first go-round.

In the lyrics of the first song of the EP, “Left For Dead," the statement is made: “Leave me for dead but I see the horizon,” and then the observation is offered: “Your new beginning starts with someone else’s end." The concept of Ouroboros extends beyond just renewal. As described in the liner notes of the EP, it is an ancient symbol in which a worm swallows itself, creating both a visual and metaphorical circle. You have to dig deep down into yourself to make the changes that result in your ultimate renewal; surface changes just won’t cut it. Haloburn has renewed itself from the inside out and Ouroboros exposes the spilled guts and cut veins that come during such a process of renewal.

And if you don’t know Haloburn yet, you’ll still be able to sense the intense self-reflection which went into the making of the EP. You can hear it in the vocals which have a professional sound but retain the rawness that makes this a metal band through and through. You can feel it in the rapid instrumentals; listen between the lines of “In Circles” to get the gist of the mental frenzy that occurs during emotional renewal. You can sense the struggle and then the solutions found in the stories told through the lyrics from song to song. This is a CD that you’ll want to put on repeat because it gives you something new each time you listen through it.

by Kathryn Vercillo | San Francisco, CA
- Dissolver Magazine #15


While most bands in the world are trying to reign in the digital rights in an effort to get paid for music that is traded subversively from computer to computer, others have a wholly different approach. Getting music into people's hands can be difficult, so by making access as easy as possible, Haloburn is hoping to reach a broader audience then they ever would crossing their fingers and hoping the Dj will sneak it in at the end of the local show late on a Sunday night.

When the band ventured into the studio, they wanted their fans to know about it immediately. As a result they issued this command: "Bootleg the crap out of these MP3s!" Fans lined up for a taste of what the band was assembling in the studio as the songs they've been distributing are merely rough mixes. Also available on the site is a bootleg of the CD Sampler they they have been handing out at their concerts, including the pre-Locobazooka bash at the Wallace civic Center in Fitchburg that they played with 40 Below Summer, Spineshank, E-Town Conrete, Skrape, Trauma Concept, Breathe, and Stratejacket. For more info visit www.haloburn.com
- Northeast Performer - Nov. 2003

"Band Reviews"

-ZULU8115@AOL.COM - BostonBands.com


This one borders on the realm of all-out impressive. We're talkin' insane guitar work, soaring vocal melodies that melt into guttural roars, some Rodan-sized rhythmic backing, and a few intricate song-structure twists that'll keep you on your toes for the album's duration. Now, knob-polishin' aside, and I do REALLY dig this release, but my only main gripe with this CD is that a few of the songs utilize far too many riffs for my interest to remain fully sustained. This factor is most evident in Track 3 ("Feel Like You") which would completely(!) rule (and coulda' been the album's single) if the early and quite effective "chorus" were reused later in the track in the stead of the later-integrated and out-ofthe- blue riffs that draw the track out for far too long. Hey, could be worse though.

Anyway, the overall verdict:
This band beats the living tar outta most signed acts through its sheer talent and songwriting ability alone, and "Unspoken" has more than a few infectious metal cuts (Track 1, 2, and 11 slay!), but at times the main message becomes hazy through an overcluttering
of changeups. I still would give this one a 7.5/8 out of 10. REALLY f'n good band! Think: Tool meets Nothingface?
- Deek - SoundCheck July / Aug 2004

"Full News and Show Comments"

Im back from a week off to review the "Unspoken" release from Haloburn. Here we go. Haloburn Features members from 7th Rail Crew, Indesit, and Headshot. I personally have never heard of any of those bands but there is one thing that I do know is that Haloburn is one of rocks new wonders. Melodic vocals, passionate screams, intense gituar work linkin park scratching and head pounding drums make this release a must have for any rock fan.

The negative, for some reason, always enters my brain first when I review albums. This album, good in entirety lacks one key thing that I have noticed. The fact that the bass is not distinct and dosent have the boom like normal albums do hurts teh final project. In a sense this is a bad thing, but a good thing in a way because they dont sound like every other band trying to make it these days. Nothing to get real worried about though. Other areas shine through to make this fault not as bad as it seems. Instead of 2 guitarists they should have had 2 bassists.

What a way to start off. The song "Atrophys" first scream is "FUCK" and then it proceeds to intense drumwork singing/screaming and heavy riffs. Micah the lead singer has a wide range of vocals and a very good range to displaying his talents. He hits notes with ease, projects intense screams , raspy chorous breaks and growls thoughout this album and seems to make everything come together in a complete union with every track. Atrophy is one of the best songs on the album displaying the wide range of talents these band members posses with instances of Bent on the turntables sampling and scratching amidst the glory of the breakdown. The lyrics arent like any other bands lyrics in the sence that Micah actually explans things in his own way, confused? Here is a example; in "Feel Like You" the chorus is "I dont make me feel like shit well I do.. see my self around you well I dont.. all I want is a girl just like you.. to shove my nose in it" What a line of self expression and emotion. Tell your girlfriend to listen to this song and see if the relationship lasts. ANYWAY back to the review. Strength throughout the album with drummer Eric makes him step up along the side of Morgan Rose from "Sevendust" or Chad Kent from "Atomship" but still just a step behind both. Haloburn dosent stop shooting out smack after smack hit after hit of hard rock listening pleasure throughout the entire album. Near from perfect but still, this is one of rocks new wonders on the scene today.

Haloburn displays talent and mass quantities of it. "Unspoken" is a birth of something good, something to grow on, something to develop the band into a better union and makes me wonder how good thier sophmore album will be in a year or so when that comes out. Take a listen if you enjoy very good drumwork and a wide range of singing talent along with heavy hard rock guitar work This one will be in my cd player for the rest of the summer and maybe longer but the lasting appeal of yet another "less than 40 min cd" seems to wear off quickly nowadays. Enjoy it while you can! - Scene it All.net

"Past HALOBURN Reviews"

By: Debi Roy "Rock Boston"
Haloburn's first full length album "UNSPOKEN" Band: Micah-Vocals Ennio-Guitar Alex-Guitar Peoples-Drums Bent- DJ&Samples Sulli-Bass From the moment I heard Haloburn, I knew I was in for a real experience! The band has put together a stunning piece of music art work which takes the listener on an incredible journey. Each song has a unique story to tell. The sounds are crisp, clear and sometimes breathtaking. The music that they offer is fresh and enthralling, the production is excellent and the composing taste is the exaltation of objective beauty. And if this is not enough, all six members ofthe band enjoy an instrumental skill that would make anyone pale in comparison. The terrific creativity of this six piece is able to produce a unique and original sound, in which a very advanced technique and poetical lyrics combine in a monumental masterpiece. Highlight songs* In the Wake,Beneath the Stone "In the Wake" Melodic guitars lead in to this well written song. Vocals begin and end with passion and conviction. An introspective look into the heart and mind lends a gripping voyage of an emotional encounter with fate. "Beneath the Stone" The intro is infectious, which leads you into the world of mysticism. The vocals reflect the awesome range that Micah possess. This song reaches the depths of a human fear, that we're all compelled by. Both live and recorded, every aspect of Haloburn screams BIG TIME!, Props to Jim Foster for a well-produced album. I strongly recommend "UNSPOKEN" for the discriminatory listener, who is looking for more. You will most definitely find it with "UNSPOKEN"
-Debi RockBoston

The Ponder Report - June 2005
Haloburn is burning it up.
By Christian
Local bands have always been an interesting subject and sometimes make it big after humble beginnings. Indie-Rock has a large fan base and lots of times get picked up by record labels. The rock band Haloburn is no exception; with hard rock and meaningful lyrics this band has what it takes. Haloburn is a local band made up of members from surrounding Boston towns. After checking Haloburn out in concert and after sitting down with all the members of the band (Ennio, Sulli, Eric, Micah, and Alex), it’s no wonder why they are so talented. Though each member is unique and different, their personalities and creativity combined make a fresh sound. Each member of the band belonged to another band at one point in time (Including local bands 7th Rail Crew, Indesit, and Headshot). When answering a want ad for bands, they eventually formed Haloburn, creating a whole new sound. This sound is described by the band as “Rock, Metal, and Mellatic.” Haloburn’s sound is something unique, almost a cross between Evanescence’s bass and Nine Inch Nails lyrics and beats. It’s not standard rock; it has more edge and more meaning. Eric, the band drummer, has a whole different perspective on the sound saying, “It’s like Satan running through a field of tulips.” On Saturday, May 7th, I saw Haloburn live in concert at an all ages show at “Club De Niro”. Although I had to sit through two not so great bands before Haloburn, it was worth it. After taking photos and watching their set, I got to sit down with the band and talk about their music and experiences. Though the band is well known for doing live shows at local gigs, they still “Get butterflies in our stomachs. We get nervous and sometimes nauseous on new songs and singing them live, but it’s a great experience and we just try not to mess up.” Another interesting tidbit about the band is that they write all their own music by collaborating with one another on lyrics and beats. Micah, one of the vocalists of the band, said, “We just write music, don’t talk about it, just write it.” Something that resonates into their live performances. Haloburn is a unique name and when asked about it, the band commented on how it’s difficult to find a name that wasn’t taken. They did a lot of soul searching and Googling to find the perfect name. Haloburn is actually a term given to an inmate who is on death row. After he/she put in the chair and shocked, there is a literal halo burn on his/her head. But beyond the gruesome meaning, there is an undertone of seriousness. The name also means the balance between good and evil, ying and yang, and balancing all that together. The band has also released a CD on the CAPO Entertainment label. Their first CD Unspoken also had a deeper meaning. Though it was going to be the name of their band, they decided to change it because there were other bands with the same name and it fit the title of the CD better. When asked about why they named the CD this, they said, “The songs are about unspoken, not having to speak.” Some bands don’t perform to potential live as they do on their CD; Haloburn is just as good live as their CD if not better. With an original sound and intricate lyrics, Haloburn is a fun local band that is hard rock and not for the faint of hea - Various Authors

"Harder Faster"

" Haloburn's Ouroboros is a great slab of heaviness that will crush the skulls of Nickelback fans as well as impress the more extreme elements of the scene. They have finally captured the energy of their live show in the studio and there willingness to experiment with their sound makes my taint spasm with excitement. "

-Mike Hsu
Mid Days 10am-3pm
Harder Faster
M-F 11p-12a
107.3 WAAF
Boston, MA - WAAF 107.3-FM Boston, MA


HALOBURN's First LP CD is called "Unspoken"
Tracks from unspoken appear in the WAAF 2005 Hillman Show Miss Mantown DVD, The Movie "Fear of Clowns", Upcoming episodes of "Super Sweet Sixteen" on MTV. Tracks from "Unspoken" can also be heard on www.myspace.com



From the ashes of 7th RAIL CREW, INDESIT and HEADSHOT, comes one of the newer additions to your "must listen" list, the Boston-area band HALOBURN. If you dig bands like Stone Sour,Tool,Nothingface and Alice in Chains then these guys should be right up your alley. File Under: Right in your grill, rhythmically solid, metal that both you AND yo' woman can appreciate.
-Deek WBCN 104.1 FM Boston, MA

Since forming in 2003 the band has generated a large fan base which has allowed them to play many high-profile shows at some of the northeasts top venues. They have shared the stage with national acts such as Ill Nino, Mushroomhead, 40 Below Summer, Skrape, Spineshank, Dope, Death Angel, Slaves on Dope, Slitheryn, Kittie, E-Town Concrete, Adema, Shorty, Otep, Pigmy Love Circus (featuring Danny Carey of TOOL)and more

In the summer of 2004 Haloburn released a full-length album titled UNSPOKEN with producer Jim Foster, (former member of Grand Royal recording artists NULLSET).The band has received continuous airplay on AAA rock stations and numerous internet and college radio programs such as: WAAF, WBCN, WFNX, ROCK101 and www.spiderbiteradio.com. Recently Haloburn has been added to XM Satellite Radio’s “Liquid Metal” Ch. 42! Haloburn also made the final cut in Marauder Productions horror movie Fear of Clowns when the producers picked the track Beneath the Stone to be featured in the film. The movie is now available in all the major video stores nationwide including Blockbuster and Hollywood video. Haloburn also just signed a deal with MTV in 2006 to allow their songs to be used in reality shows so listen out for Haloburn on MTV as well. The band has toured the northeast circuit continuously for two years picking up endorsements from ESP, Ernie Ball, Dirbag Clothing, Danmar Percussion and Pino Bros. Ink who funded a music video for their song "Atrophy". Since it's release the video has received tens of thousands of online downloads from the bands website and myspace profile.

Haloburn just released the self recorded and produced EP "Ouroboros" in 2006. Linking up with NYC artist David Stoupakis (artist responsible for the latest Korn album) for the cover art, the band is looking to turn some heads with an overall package that is both musically sound and artistic. Ouroboros is a symbol of rebirth. It also means to be in an infinite state of renewal. The band has embraced the ancient symbol as its outlook on life as the band always wants to relate to its audience and offer its fans something new.

" Haloburn's Ouroboros is a great slab of heaviness that will crush the skulls of Nickelback fans as well as impress the more extreme elements of the scene. They have finally captured the energy of their live show in the studio and there willingness to experiment with their sound makes my taint spasm with excitement. "

-Mike Hsu
WAAF 107.3-FM Boston, MA

Endorsements: ESP/LTD Guitars and Basses, InTune Guitar Picks, Ernie Ball Strings, DirtBag Clothing, Ben Decko Inc., Pino Bros Ink.