Formed in 1998 by New Zealand expatriates Frans Duff and Jasmine Yee, who had the aim to form an alternative pop/rock band in the style of ther heroes The Smiths, The Cure, and Kiwi DIY band The JPS Experience.


Hale Milgrim - ex-head of Capitol Records USA - has listed them on his June 2006 list on 'Hales Hit's, an eclectic list full of all the music that has turned him on while organising his pet music festival project 'Sings Like Hell' in Santa Barbara. Having this musical luminary place Halogen's name alongside such acts as Placebo, Morrissey assures the validity of their music not only in their small hometown of Perth, but also across the world to fans in the USA, Japan, and Europe.

2006 Halogen are promoting their third album (the second official studio album) 'Sirens' - halogen's best recording to date.
Described by critics as 'capable of taking the band to greater heights' and with 'guitars reminiscent of 17-Seconds-era The Cure and of Joy Division', Sirens is the culmination of three years hard work in their home studios and in the studios of Studio Couch and Blackbird Sound, both in Perth. Originally intended as three eps grouped as 'electronic', 'loud', and then a final 'quiet' ep, the idea was thwarted by time and money. The more recent use of electronic sounds inspired by the 2005 collaboration of electronic artists is eveident in the track and first single 'Baby's Eyes', while Halogen's heart of indie gold can be found struck deep within the chords of 'I Get Lonely' and 'All the Way Down'.

halogen have performed as a five piece since 2003. In this year they captured the attention of John Kilbey - director of Sydney based indie label Karmic Hit, a label created by Steve Kilbey, lead singer/songwriter from seminal Australian band The Church. Created as a way to release his singular musings, it became a launch pad for the music of friends and other independent acts. Halogen joined a roster of Australian and international bands such as David Thrussell (Snog and Black Lung), The Beangrowers (from Malta), Pugwash (Ireland), and Pluto (from New Zealand).

Halogen's goal has always to push the pop/rock formula sideways. The diversity of fashion,popular culture, music, art and literature has always inspired their aim to to create. As singer Jasmine Yee says: "We don't want to be be too CLEVER or TOO SIMPLE. We want to be a little naive, because naivite is beauty, and while it can't always be attained, real beauty and innocence is hard to find but is definitely worth striving for. We want to surprise ourselves."

Vocalist Jasmine Yee has been noted for her unique vocals and melodies, and it is her personal stories and feelings which colour the writing of all of Halogen's song lyrics. She is also a guest vocalist on the UK number# 1 drum 'n' bass album 'Hold Your Colour' by UK based Australian drum and bass act Pendulum (who also originated n Perth).
Frans Duff is responsible for all of Halogen's remarkable artwork on posters and albums.
Trent studies Classical Music at the WA Conservatorium in classical trumpet, and Robert has just completed his Diploma in Creative Technology, also at the Conservatorium. Drummer Ben Crooke played in gothic/rock band Rhodamine before playing in the My Bloody Valentine-inspired band Glimmer, before hitting the skins for halogen.
Halogen are looking forward to expanding their audience nationally and internationally, and one day connecting with all their overseas fans who have contributed to their website guestbook on www.halogenworld.com


2006: Sirens (album)
2006: Baby's Eyes (5 track ep)
2004: Building On the Edge of the Sky (album)
2003: Save the Ones You Love (album)
2001: Somewhere You're Alone (5 track ep)
1999: Into the Crash Barrier (5 Track ep)

Set List

2006 set list (no covers), 45-1 hour long:

I'll See You Tonite (unrecorded)
Today of All Days (Sirens)
All the Way Down (Sirens)
I get Lonely (Sirens)
Neon Light (Sirens)
Tonight (Sirens)
Baby's Eyes (sirens)
Walkaway (Save the Ones)
On a Bridge (Save the Ones)
Caught Me (Save the Ones)
Collide (Building On the Edge)
...and more!