Halos Were Found at the Landing Site
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Halos Were Found at the Landing Site

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Halos Were Found at the Landing Site boast new record"

Halos Were Found at the Landing Site had a break out year in 2006.

This four-piece Dayton rock band played their first show together last March and despite being new to the scene they quickly gained a large loyal fan base. By mid-summer they were the leading vote getters in the Canal Street Tavern Dayton Band Playoffs and were favored by many to win.

In December the band released its first self-titled full-length album. The record contains 13 original tracks and 78 minutes of music that is sonic, dynamic, and melancholic.

However, do to illness to the band’s curly haired lead singer, Marcus Pulkas, in January, Halos have been on hiatus since the release of their cd.

Now healthy, the band is ready to end their winter break and hit the stage exhibiting their notorious finger tapping, swirling effects, and cymbal thrashing.

Catch the band on Saturday, February 23rd at Canal Street Tavern. Also on the bill are their friends and fellow hard rockers the Sailing.

The show starts at 9:30, but get there early because Halos and the Sailing are known to draw huge crowds.

I got to chat with Marcus about the upcoming show and the cd. For more info visit myspace.com/haloswerefoundatthelandingsite or canalstreettavern.com.

KN - How has the response to the new record been thus far?

MP - It has been awesome. People have been very responsive even though, due to my death virus, we have not had a chance to promote the record a lot yet. I think most people have trouble trying to label us. The album shows we have many different styles. People always tell us we sound like this band or that band, but trying to compare us to other bands is difficult.

KN -Do you hate it when someone compares Halos to other bands?

MP - No, people can not pin us down to one band. In the same song we may have parts that sound like Gun n’ Roses and then Hum. You can laugh, but we like to add different sounds and parts in our music. It ends up being a bit over the top, but that is who we are.

KN - You guys have come a long way since the Playoffs (new record and all), Do you feel that you’re better or worse off because of the Dayton Band Playoffs?

MP - Yea we are better off. We were just hoping to make it past the first round, but we just freaked. It was flattering and exciting to get as far as we did. Of course we wanted to win, but the Exposure we got from the playoffs was awesome. - Dayton Daily News

"Local band to play CMJ Music Marathon in New York"

Every autumn CMJ (College Music Journal) magazine hosts one of the world’s largest music and film festivals in New York City.

This year’s festival is scheduled for October 16th - 20th and will feature hundreds of bands from across the country including such big names as Spoon, Mates of State, Islands, British Sea Power, Meat Puppets, and Mike Kinsella. (get full list at www.cmj.com)

This year will also feature Dayton’s own young and talented sonic-alt-rock band Halos Were Found At the Landing Site.

Through a bulletin posted on the band’s myspace page (myspace.com/haloswerefoundatthelandingsite) they announced they would be “invading New York” in order to “take part” in the CMJ music Marathon.

Halo’s buzz is louder than ever not only because of their upcoming showcase for CMJ, but also because of their new distribution deal with Yuzu Music.

Fans cannot get enough of the Hum meets Minus the Bears energetic 4-piece. The band even created a second myspace page (myspace.com/demoswerefoundatthelandingsite) just so hungry fans could listen to their practices and demos and get a sense of the band’s new material.

The band is playing two area shows to gear up for the jaunt to New York. They will be at the Poison Room in Cincinnati on October 6th and at the Rumba Cafe in Columbus on October 12th. - Dayton Daily News


Self Titled full length album - 2007



Halos Were Found At The Landing Site is an independent rock group with a name culled from the infamous “Dr Octagon” alias of the even more infamous hip-hop visionary Kool Keith. Knowing this, you can get a decent idea of what to expect from the group; paradoxes and unpredictability abound. This band of merry men’s sound can almost be easily labeled as “arena-friendly indie.” An oxymoron? Perhaps, but then again, so is a group that offers dense guitar heavy atmospherics and progressive song structures that whip about in roller coaster fashion deciding to name itself after a vulgar and bizarre indie hip-hop star. The sound is unpredictable and propulsive as such, blending a churning tapestry of dynamics, dramatic sonics and distinct melodies into a package that’s both boundary pushing yet surprisingly accessible.

Hailing from Dayton, OH, the city that birthed many of independent rock’s greatest such as Guided By Voices and Brainiac, the group takes pride in the DIY aesthetic made especially popular by those groups, yet they have managed to find a sound that is vast and expansive enough to beckon the arenas since their inception in 2004. With drummer Adam Ciarlariello’s previous experience in former Dayton mainstays Parker Ben Parker, he connected with younger brother David Ciarlariello, Marcus Pulkas and Jakob Murphy to explore some electronic and indie rock influenced ideas he was crafting. As the group’s collective influences began to take shape, it became apparent that the band was going to be something altogether different than initially planned. Pulling influences such as Hum, The Dismemberment Plan, Jawbox, Squarepusher, Guns N Roses, The Poster Children, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Maps And Atlases, Bjork, Death Cab, Explosions In The Sky, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Built To Spill, you can expect a vibrant listen, from spaced out bliss, to hushed whisper, and back to the grandiose heights from you which came, usually all within the same song. Having been performing live only since March of 2006, Halos Were Found At The Landing Site has shown a rapid acceleration in winning over those in Southwest Ohio in search of interesting and original independent music. With the release of their self-titled and entirely self-produced disc at the tail end of 2006, the group looks to further expand their fan base, and to connect with an audience that still appreciates the independently produced guitar rock album.