San Francisco, California, USA

a new album featuring the Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie and Zoe Keating [Imogen Heap] "Simply one of the best bands in America"- KEXP radio "proving their mastery of electro-organic music, Halou surface again striding light years ahead with their most compelling work yet" -Filter magazine


6 new songs from the forthcoming full length album featuring the Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie and Zoe Keating [Imogen Heap/Rasputina]

"At times entrancing, effervescent, rousing, emotive, and ethereal, this trio leaps across musical boundaries with
a truly transcendental album." - All Music Guide

This year Halou celebrates 12 years as a band and returns with their most compelling work to date. In additon to the band’s work on their own album, the past few years have been spent using their production skills to help sculpt the sound of such artists as DJ Shadow, Lyrics Born, Frank Sinatra, Galactic, Blackalicious, John Cale, Low, No Doubt and even a Rod Stewart remix which hit #1 on Billboard. In addition, Halou has scored 2 successful award winning films, "This Girl's Life" starring James Woods [http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie.aspx?m=548954], and "Quality of Life" [trailer featuring Halou’s music: http://www.qualityoflife-themovie.com/]. Their music was also recently featured on CSI in the show’s climax montage. Throughout all of this, the band has still found the time to create their finest album and perform select live shows such as Seattle's Bumbershoot festival, The San Francisco International Film Festival, and the SF Museum of Modern Art. A full national tour is in the works for 2008.

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Wholeness and Separation [Vertebrae Music]
Wholeness EP [Vertebrae Music]
Wiser [Nettwerk Records]
San Souci [Bedazzled Records]
We Only Love You [Bedazzled Records]

Set List

typically 1 hour set