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For 3 years Halph has been at it now, and they keep exploring the duo "concept". The narrow introvert debut, "Answering Machines", was done not long after the two got together, and their second, "Ode to you", saw the band going both softer and harder, a result of playing live and rehearsing more, but still within their first year as a band. "We want to push that envelope" says T. You better be there. "Music and art in general, is more important now, than ever. The world is falling apart, and we need to stand together, rebuild the communities and end injustice before it´s to late."

The songwriter universe of T, takes a closer look at life, dealing with the world he lives in; passed thirty, as a father, a lover, a loner, a liar.....direct and honest.

The duo of guitarplayer/singer Thomas Nygaard and well renowned jazzdrummer Karsten Bagge, have set out to challenge their listeners with a gritty guitar sound, an advanced rhytmic feel and spoken word on top, through must of their songs, knowing all to well that it will offend some people, but the reward is as they say; "the ones that get it....LOVE IT!!"

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2004 - Answering Machines CD & LP
2006 - Ode To You CD & LP

Set List

We get up there with no set list. Just the first song and then we go from there, depending on the mood.

We have done a cover of Neil Young´s "Keep On Rocking In The Free World", but other than that, we stick to our own stuff.

We do one set, and depending on the bill, we can play up to one and a half hours.