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Ham Wailin'

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2006

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2006
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Ham Wailin' @ Pub 340

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ham Wailin' @ Astoria Hotel

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


The best kept secret in music


Ham Wailin'
- A Tribute to Van Halen

Somebody Get Me A Doctor!

By Ira "Halen" Hunter

Backstage amongst the craziness of half dressed groupies, mounds of high- grade drugs, and a wheelbarrow full of booze, I somehow
managed to talk to Dentor Lee Roth about Jack Daniels, High-Kicks, and spandex mishaps.

Dentor Lee Roth: So I go to Van Halen and I'm in my black and yellow spandex. And all these people, like all these couples, the girlfriends would get up and take her photo with me and I'd do some crazy wicked sexual pose and the dude would take the photo. It would be just one after the other until the show started.

AU: Ok so I have a helium balloon filled with sparkle dust and I want you to high kick it on stage.

DLR: Oh yeah! Oh yeah!! Fuckin'rights man.

AU: Put a little pin on the end of your shoe...

DLR: No man. I'll kick it with such force. I'll have to get a few practice kicks out right now. That's why you do that Jack Daniel's, it makes you act like a fuckin' lunatic, just that quick eh? Like glug glug, then instantly it's like let's play it up for the microphone.

AU: There was a high-kick mishap earlier at sound check?

DLR: Yeah, I went fora kick and out went my leg and there I was flat on my back on the stage for sound check. But that's the same as the very first day the band got together. We thought. Ok lets do this band, we were also Sack Blabbath and we just decided we'd love to do a Van Halen tribute band. I love David Lee Roth. It's not quite Ozzy you know, it's a little more indulgent.

AU: Tell us about your first live show where you ripped your pants.

DLR: My drummers girlfriend made him a pair of black and
white stripe David Lee Roth pants back in 78 or 79. So I wear them on the first show but I do a couple leg kicks in one or two songs and the whole crotch opens up and I'm not wearing any underwear. So my
fella is showing for the rest of the night.

My dick was out there the whole time.

I get into these things thinking I don't need no fuckin' underwear lines, these are so tight. But there was no spandex in these motherfuckers. They were pre-spandex 1982 style you know? So I go for the kick and I hear this rip and by the end of the song I can feel my dink popping out of the bottom. I'm just dancing away and poking my thing back in there. And then finally a louder rip and... ah fuck, I really should have shaved or trimmed the tree before that gig man.

AU: How many costume changes do you do during the show?

DLR: I have five... oh shit it's time to go on? I'm all unlaced and shit. I should put my glasses on or something... Don't look at my eyes!

AU: Another puff of weed and a slam of whiskey and your ready ^cough cough^

DLR: You gotta be like that and live the
real thing, right?

AU: You get a dime bag in Central
Park and away you go. So if the real
Van Halen kick Diamond Dave out...?

DLR: Yeah if word gets out that they

need the real deal
rockstar, here it is.

AU: Where do
you purchase
your spandex? Is
that an ass rip?

DLR: That is an ass

AU: How do you
rip spandex?

DLR: Because I
kick so goddamn

AU:You said that
Jack Daniel's
helps put you in
David Lee Roth


DLR: It's true actually. I like David
Lee Roth just cause he seems to
just give'r, he can speak a whole
shitload of languages and he's sort
of an ambulance paramedic, he's
parachuted, you know, he's done a
bunch of crazy shit so why not if you've
become a famous dude learn seven
languages and just act like a hoser.

AU: Final words for people who miss
the show?

DLR: You might miss a crotch pull. You
might miss a sever bagging.

AU: Tea-bagging?

DLR: No no, that comes later, not for
me but I'll hand them out. I do have to
get more drunk, I feel like the character
of David Lee Roth should probably be
a lot more sexual, eh? People that have
met him say some nasty things. That
he's sort of a creepy fella, and I don't
wanna be a creep, I just wanna get
laid by really beautiful girls. And that
will be my last word. Where's that Jack
Daniel's? Let's get stupid!

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night at Element Night Club in Victoria.
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