Ham1 takes equal inspiration from old movie soundtracks and modern dilapidation, drawing from jukebox rock and roll archetypes, spaghetti westerns, and flea market lost and found sounds to create original pop songs and instrumental scores.


Ham1 are hardcore vintage heads hailing from Athens, GA who cull their enthusiasm for old school everything (music, cars, guitars, long-lost America) into their craft. Ham1 features the incomparable Eric Harris (Olivia Tremor Control) on percussion, Theremin and any other device which may strike his fancy. Ham1's lyrics showcase the idiosyncratic observations of lead singer/guitarist Jim Willingham, his frenetic fretwork spanning the spectrum of surf rock, indie pop and spaghetti western instrumentals. Ham1's arrangements are embellished by the mournful thrum of Jacob Morris' cello, filigreed with the flourish of his at times eerie keys. Ham1 is propelled by the singular saunter of Chris Sugiuchi’s bass, the burnished blasts of his trombone bronzing selected compositions. Ham1 recently released the four year old band’s second album, the Captain's Table, on Orange Twin Records in November 2007.


HAM1/HAM1- self released in 2005

HAM1/The Captain's Table- released on Orange Twin, November 2007

Both disks have received airplay nationwide on college/alternative radio as well as on Sirius Satellite Radio's Left of Center program.

Set List

Saluki-Hare Lipped Bust-Alice's Call-Tree of Birds-Moonie-I Had a Good Idea-Toothless Front Lines-The Gift-Swan Dive-Fist Full of Change-Adirondack Chair

We typically play anywhere from 35-55 minutes depending on where we are in the lineup and what the venue/other bands need.