HaMAKOR is the originator of a unique blend of bluegrass, funk and electronic rock combined with a root like Jewish message.


A new sound is growing out of the hilly plains of central Israel.Through the combined voice of a diverse group of talented musicians from different backgrounds, a soulful, inspiring, and complex musical message is put forth. Songs are lyrically appealing and melodically charged, leaving the listener feeling energized. Messages such as finding your own path and the winding paths life take us, anchor the futuristic sound to a universal meaning.
The lead singer of Hamakor is Nachman Solomon, the younger brother of Yehuda Solomon (Moshav Band) and Noah Solomon (Soul Farm).
Through the combined voice of this quartet, soulful, inspiring, and complex music is put forth.This real life expression met with the sweet melodies of the guitar is what makes haMAKOR a rare experience both in sound, and performance.

HaMAKOR has been conquering crowds not only in Israel but also in Poland and the USA, East Coast, headlining sold out shows at The Knitting Factory, B.B. Kings and Jewzapalooza.

With their heartfelt performance and inspiring music they have left no attendee dissatisfied. The entire band bounces with the groove and feel of their music and project an aura of having a good time while dealing with serious issues. It is definitely an experience worthy of attending.


Lost Man

Written By: Nachman Solomon

Oh, he walks
the lonely roads
leading him into the new
deeper and deeper into the woods
pacing beyond belief
visuals arise of his past
sinking him under the sea
yet he knows or hopes for a better day to come.

The Source

Written By: HaMakor

Different roads all leading another way
I'm confused and I don't know which path to take
And the wind blowing us apart once again
But in the end we will all end up on the other side

My heart is broken,shattered into a million pieces
I look away, but can only see a dimming light
Yet the sun will shine, melting the ice in my heart
And the lion will roar to remind us of the one above

Where do we go from here
What do we do from here
Yet again i hear a whispering voice
welcome to the source

A change will come from inside of me
Peeling off the old skin
And I will rise just to shout it out loud
welcome to the source


The Source

Set List

The band perform material from their album - The Source.
Length of the set is about 45 mins.
The band can do addtional material - cover songs of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach etc.

The Source
Eliyahu Hanavi
Kol Yisrael
Lost Man
Im Eshkachech
Just Smile
Should've known
Assortment of Israeli and Carlebach cover songs