Ha Manganon

Ha Manganon

 Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

"We're like British and Israeli post punk with an American rock feel and energy. And, we sing in Hebrew. In Israel, all of this together is totally original ... You gettin' off here? It was nice meeting you."


"Ha Manganon" (The Mechanism) is an Israeli rock trio. The band was inspired by British and Israeli post punk and has an American rock feel and energy. This project was the result of lead singer/songwriter and lead guitarist Amiel Shapiro's split from his previous band (a guitar/keyboard quartet) to form a new group around only his songs. In his last band, he co-wrote and shared lead singing duties.

Ha Manganon would fine tune Shapiro's creative and lyrical vision and bring a fresh sound to songs he had been performing for quite some time. Shapiro's lyrics express a new perspective on the boring and beurocratic daily monotony of the average "office" world. He criticizes and pokes fun at the office worker who sits around all day getting "fat" and "happy" - in an ironic and tragic sense. It is too easy to become trapped in the modern corporate "mechanism" that always keeps the kitchen stocked with sugary snacks and all-you-can-drink coffee.

Shapiro was born (1975) and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. He started writing lyrics and composing music when he was 15. As a young child, he lived in London for 6 years and was influenced both by British culture and British post-punk bands. Upon his return to Israel, he was pleasantly surprised to find a similar musical scene back home, led by Rami Fortis, with whom he quickly fell in love.

Binyamin Chiram, the band's bassist, was born (1968) and raised in Ramat Ha Sharon just outside Tel Aviv. He began playing bass as a kid and started his first band while he was performing his military service in the Israeli Navy. They used to play a club called the Roxanne, in Tel Aviv in the late eighties. Chiram also played bass for Shapiro's previous band. Chiram is heavily influenced by Jazz and Funk as well as American and Israeli folk and popular music. Chiram is also an accomplished cinematographer in Israeli film and television.

Jacob Nehman was born in Columbus, Ohio (1973) and grew up in Dallas, Texas. He lived in Austin for eleven years after college before immigrating to Israel in 2006. Nehman started playing classical piano and violin when he was 8; and then drums when he was 19, originally inspired by John Bonham. In college, he was first turned on to Blues and Jazz. These influences still inform both his stylistic approach to drums and his musical sensibilities. Between 1995 and 2005, he worked with a variety of different bands on the Austin scene.

Ha Manganon recently released two singles from their upcoming debut album. The first single, entitled "Gibor Karaoke (Karaoke Hero)," was released in August along with a video for the single. The 2nd single, "Niyeti Shamen" ("I got Fat") was released toward the beginning of November.