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Hamerzya cross-genres Electro/Rock with New Age/World/Ambient music, a style referred to as "Alt-Tronic" or Alternative-Electronic. The idea is showcasing cutting edge Electronic & New Age music by way of cross-genres to create a futuristic, mystic and innovative sound.


I got my start in music at age thirteen playing drums in rock n' roll variety cover bands. Since then, I've done work as a recording studio musician in Austin, TX with numerous bands of broad musical styles and I have plenty of live-playing experience. I'm a self-taught/disciplined musician with drums/percussion (acoustic & electric) my primary instrument and piano/synthesizer secondary. I'm mostly influenced by classic and modern Progressive rock and/or anything jazz-oriented. However, I highly regard Classical, New Age/World, Pop Rock, and Trance-Ambient/Electronica music as well. Classical music was my first inspiration for composing and becoming a solo recording artist. My influences are widely diverse across the board of genres. Some of them are The Beatles, Yes, Ancient Future, M83, Radiohead, Robert Rich, John Murphy, Steve Vai and Chic Corea. My solo project 'Hamerzya' consists of two sides: New Age/World and Electronic/Rock/Ambient music. My music has been described as "environmental, soundscapes with soundtrack-like qualities." My short term goal is to continue recording and producing myself. Long term goal is to become established in the music industry and contribute my music in film.


I've had two independant releases in the New Age/World genre. 'Heartstrings' released 1997 and 'Incantations' in 2004. You can stream my Electro/Rock music at www.myspace.com/hamerzya or www.soundclick.com/hamerzya for my New Age/World music.