Hamlet Gevorgyan

Hamlet Gevorgyan


New Boom Project "Apricot" already available. The Presentation of Hamlat Gevprgyan's new album will take place on May 27 2008, at Armenian Music Center.


To our strong conviction Hamlet Gevorgyan is an accomplished singer-artist.
Although a singer, who first of all respects himself and especially his nation, hasn’t the right of making up with the market (now – the crowd) or reconciling with its demands, level and imaginary test…
Hamlet Gevorgyan is one of the singers, who doesn’t put up with market demands. He is faithful and devoted to national roots and bounded up with true sources and traditions of the Armenian song. Hamlet tries to perform and present to the attention of audience just the pure song, I’d say “in original” – there is no doubt he applies his unique high-quality performance, interpretation, image and manner.
A singer seeks for a song, but the song finds a singer.
There are many songs in his repertoire that have found their singer.
Hamlet manages to take the audience into the inward of the song thus making the listener to feel and live with the song, sometimes finding himself in the song as if it sings about his own story…
The word is sung in the song. If this word is not a meaningless or nonsensical mere verbiage (or a neat poem), but a real poem – then the singer first of all must comprehend it and correctly interpret its sense – like the elocutionist (and not just a reader) interprets the poem. There is no word it is much more difficult for a singer to sing and simultaneously interpret the song, especially when there are the whys and wherefores irrespective of him, for example incompatibility of the wards and music, wrong accentuation and punctuation marks, etc (this is another theme).
Hamlet has a great success in it – he understands the word (poem), its value, penetrates into the sense of the word, finds out and performs it with his peculiar talent and art…


Dun en Glkhen

Written By: Sayat Nova

Dun en Glkhen Imstun is


CD "We Are"-2004
CD "Du es"-2005
CD "Mer Yerge"-2006
CD "The Best"-2007
DVD "We Are"
CD "Apricot"

Set List

Achqd Khumar
Ashkharhum Akh Chim Kashi
Ashkharhum Akh Chim Kashi
Ayspes Te Gna ( Khachatur Avetisyan )
Du Im Moosan es ( Sheram )
Dun en Glkhen ( Sayat Nova )
Erb Khandum es
Govk Sirunin
Govk Sirunin
Gyumrva Hin Fayton ( Khachatur Avetisyan )
Hay Aghchik
Hay Aghchik
Im Ani
Im Ani
Im Balik ( Sasun Paskevichyan )
Im Ser
Jeyrans Du Es
Kani Vur janim
Kele lao
Kenatse Hayeri
Kyank Tur, Kyank Ar
Maral Es Du
Moosh ( Robert Petrosyan )
Qanqaravor Enkere ( Djivani )
Sarer Kaghachem ( Sheram )
Sirus Kspasem
Tagh Haytnutyan
Yar Ari
Yar Qu Barak Boyin Mernem
Yeraz Im Yerkir
Yeghniki Pes
Arazi Apin
Ser Im Sirun es
Yergir Indz Hamar
Tamam Ashkharh
outboard reverbs