Los Angeles, California, USA

Glitter and Flash, Sniggin Piggin satin couture, alter egos, interplanetary space-crafts, optical illusions, Friday nights at The Vine Bar in Hollywood and Lady Starlight's English Disco in New York, Chemin de Fer jeans and mirrored sunglasses, tennis dates, feather boas, thunder and lightning shows, dapper dandyism, astral projections, witty repartee, dancing all night in platform snakeskin boots, The Rainbow Room at Biba, rhinestone palm trees and geckos, Packard-driving 30's gangsters, and in



Yeah, it’s possible. A gorgeous, glamy, crunchy, arty, fashiony Rock and Roll band you can dance to. Fear not, they have checked both their egos and satin jackets at the door. With a self-deprecating sense of humor, these lords of rock are as sweet as rock candy.

Welcome to the Wacky World of “Hammered Satin.”

Don’t let the name fool you. Hammered Satin did not come from the “Land of Ice and Snow”, rather, they bubbled into consciousness in the Land of Sunshine and Celluloid.

Noah Wallace, front man, and songwriter is the “Thomas Wolfe” of Rock and Roll. He writes songs chronicling a social condition where the glitter kids, glitterati, social elite and social effete mix in Hollywood’s cultural madness.

“Lets Go” is a Rock and Roll anthem. The beat is thumping, the melody unforgettable, and the message is simple: “Lets go, Rock and Roll, Baby Lets Rock and Roll”. We all need a song that makes you get your stomp on.

When asked how he wrote the song Hollywood Nights, Wallace said, ”I thought about the nasty side of Hollywood, the side that destroys and ravishes the naive. It’s my version of a public service announcement, or cautionary tale, if you will, about what not to do when you move to LA.”

Noah’s song Cougar Kingdom explores the 40+ set. “I don’t mean just the size of their boobs or bank accounts. I just dig the way older chicks can look really sexy and act the same way guys did in the 70’s”.

What their songs have in common are catchy lyrics, an unexpected sense of social commentary creating a wacky, twisted, style of rock and roll backed by glittery, crunchy hooks.