Hammer in the Bully
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Hammer in the Bully

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"5 points...."Hammer in the Bully""

Flip me a BISCUIT ...Marc gets shredded by the NASHVILLE SCENE???????????????

".....Assuming the implied allegory of Mr. Richards' lyrics to represent anything in the tangible and prose realm, we can only speculate that he is pandering to the audience for assistance in supporting the morality and ethics regarding his substance abuse fascination.

His Cynicism about the ethereal aspirations of the Southern culture ("Ammo...Whiskey...Tobacco") set aside, it appears his outlook on life to be shallow, full of gimcrack, and essentially a Juvenile-Freudian expedition into fulfilling the needs of our basest nature. Human reproduction and self fulfillment seems to be his highest aspiration, making it seem unwise to look for anything deeper in his words other than a quick fling of the prepubescent imagination.

Trailer Park Athenians might find his work entertaining as an alternative to "American Idol" or "Dancing with the Stars" but in the final analysis it is narrow minded, dark and fodder for the Bovine Masses. "

--Nashville Scene
Volume XXIV
March Edition, 2009 - Nashville Scene


Still working on that hot first release.



Marc Richards.....Born and Raised Feral ....Europe, South America and than a strong dose of SurfSkatePartyPorn in the People's republic of California....until Law enforcement took a liking to him...the only viable (and legal)escape was Music. He has been kicked , dragged and rolled through more name dropping muck than you could stand in the length of a cigarette.. Numerous Television and film credits, Former lead singer and guitarist in 'The Family Pig', award winning songwriter and acoustic shill....."Everything you see is for sale"

Patrick Millius...grew up 3 blocks away from Marc back when Sherman Oaks was still Van Nuys East, worked his way through Humboldt with some scissors, a trash bag and sticky hands "Man, you smell like SPEARmint, Bro!" Perfectly good waste of a fine artist, though the fines have been do-able...so far. Former lead singer/songwriter in L.A. Punk Band 'Dave',the other half of Dark Circles and current Minion to the spawn of the wealthy and Famous of Nashville

Todd Henry Worthington.....New Englands Only conservative until January of Ot and Ten. Lead artillery captain and undefeated in Political debate for over 30 years. Punching Holes in Nightclub floors all over the Mid South and parts unknown.....best stand back to get the full effect, but don't lean on that wall because it's coming down sooner than later....still wondering what the other drumstick is for while he's sipping his Cuervo.

Kaelin Tauxe..Rhymes with 'smokes' and does. He didn't get the job, he took it....like he's gonna' take your lunch money. No tricks, no licks, but a full throttle old school assault on the guitar..."yes, Virginia, that is smoke coming off of his fingers and the red stuff is blood" (though maybe not his own). Belmont groomed and polished, though the veneer has some cracks in it...too many credits to list, but he still manages to keep Mannah up and running fine