Hammer No More the Fingers

Hammer No More the Fingers

 Durham, North Carolina, USA

Hammer No More The Fingers plays catchy, slightly off-kilter rock music -- searing, crunchy, and without pretense they do brain surgery and tree removal with the same pocket knife.


Pink is the worm of the night that moves up through the drain, into your brain. Catchy and fun at the base level, Hammer No More the Fingers' music grows more interesting and intricate after each listen.

There is no neatly packaged description for Hammer’s sound. You could shoehorn them into a 90s indie rock revival thing, but it’s a little like putting a squid in a sweater. Perhaps the fact that Joe Hall, Jeff Stickley and Duncan Webster have been playing music together since 1994 conjures nostalgic feelings of a sound developed and perfected over the past two decades. Hammer is a continually developing exploration of the music these guys were born to create.

Recorded in the Durham home of Jay Murphy, the 2007 self-titled EP catapulted Hammer into the Triangle music scene. After touring the release, the band received national recognition, most notably as a Stereogum Band to Watch. The band took their next batch of material to producer J Robbins to create their first LP, Looking for Bruce. Working with one of their heroes proved to be a defining moment for the band. J Robbins has fronted and produced many bands that were huge influences during their formative years. Hammer returned to work with him in 2010 to record Black Shark, their most recent full-length release. The second LP explored the use of strings and keys, adding a new dimension to Hammer’s ever-evolving sound. Touring both releases extensively in the US and UK, Hammer has found a growing population of die-hard fans.

Recently, the guys have explored side projects and solo work, revealing a new sense of purpose. The projects have inspired each member to bring more eclectic ideas to the table, creating an endless well of material. Hammer just recorded a 5-song EP with Black Mountain honey bear BJ Burton of The Love Language. They took a more stripped down approach to this recording, revisiting their enthusiastic beginnings of jumping around on couches during marathon practices. As always, the band’s favorite album is the one they’re working on.

- 2011 Aquarium Drunkard Year in Review List
- New York Times 'Standout' at SXSW 2010
- Spin 'Must See Artist' at 2009 CMJ
- Stereogum 'Band to Watch' 2008

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Quotes from the Press:

"Honing the exact playing of bands like Faraquet and the Dismemberment Plan, Hammer No More the Fingers created a classic sounding yet forward looking record. The album’s ten songs clock in at just under 35 minutes and provide engaging riff after lead after singing line. It’s a record of instant and long-term enjoyment."
-Aquarium Drunkard

“The hooks and harmonies of Hammer No More the Fingers are one thing, but the way the trio writhes around crazy chords and builds from inventive bridges to addictive choruses puts them alongside Oxford Collapse or No Age - that is, in the upper echelon of young, essential indie rock.” --Grayson Currin

"It makes us feel old to say it, but this power trio is a throwback to '90s college rock -- great guitar hooks, fuzzy riffs, and easy-to-remember choruses."
- spin.com - 25 Must-Hear Artists from the CMJ Festival (2009)

"See the simple energy at "Fall Down, Play Dead"'s close? That's what we're talking about: College rock in that best old-school, early '90s sense, though it goes some place else with it, too."
- Stereogum.com - Band To Watch

"Hammer No More The Fingers' CD release party at Duke Coffeehouse stands as one of local music's best moments this year."
- Independent Weekly

"Think Pixies, Pavement and Polvo, and you're in the general neighborhood. It's unabashedly retro, but the songs are way too catchy and fun to be dismissed as mere nostalgia or tribute-like."
- Creative Loafing - Charlotte

"Surrounded by the crowd, the band seemed almost like prophets revealing some hidden truth to its audience. It was an incredibly intimate moment and perfect ending to the best show I've seen all year."
- The Daily Tar Heel

"Durham's Hammer No More The Fingers serve up Sloppy Joe power pop all over their self-titled debut, but "O.R.G.Y" is the noticeable standout. Loaded with noodly, slipshod verses and one hell of an earworming chorus, it's maybe the most anthemic song born in the Triangle this year."
- Independent Weekly

"Their sound is just straight up indie rock that's laced with energy and dipped in a vat of pure catchiness."
- sideonetrackone.com

"These guys create a perfect musical balance. Their performance is infectious, with the entire crowd singing along, jumping up and down. I felt the floor moving below me, and momentary concern that the Duke Coffeehouse might actually collapse."
- wallflync.blogspot.com


"Black Shark" - LP
April 5th, 2011, Churchkey Records
April 5th, 2011, Inhaler Records (UK)

"HNMTF vs Voo" - 4 song split
February 7th, 2011, Inhaler Records

"Looking For Bruce" - LP
April 7th, 2009, Churchkey Records
February 2nd, 2010, Inhaler Records (UK)

Selft Titled 7 Song EP on Power Team Records
Release Date - November 13, 2007

Set List

set length is 30-45 minutes, 8-11 songs
set up and break down time totals 15 minutes

1. The Agency
2. Nitro
3. Kilowave
4. Mushrooms
5. Blue Blazer
6. Black Harmony
7. Vodka Grasshopper
8. Radiadiation
9. Ghost Bunny
10. Thunder n' Rain
11. Pink Worm