A three man group created in February 2004 started out as the brainchild of two young people and grew into a music group whose destiny was aligned with God’s purpose for them.

Today’s music and lyrics are a diversion from moral values in the society, tending largely towards sex, pornography , violence, drug addiction and other garbage used to shame the society.

Where morals standards are being lowered daily, Hamonycs seeks to raise the bar for the quality of music content. Keeping in mind the theory of “garbage in, garbage out”,Hamonycs plans to fill its audience with alternative music bringing them closer to the perfect state of mind of bliss and beauty.



I Believe


I believe in you God
I have joy in knowing you are near
You are I control even when stormy wind may blow

My hope is in you God
You see so far beyond my human eyes
So I will not fear
Cos’ I know you’re always by my side

I believe in you
I believe Lord in your power
I believe in you
I believe in you oh God

In the midst of the waters
You’re the one who brings me safely to shore
I will not be moved my anchor my solid ground

I’m safe in your shadows
You’re my guiding light through the night
You shine through the gloom
Like the dawn my morning star

Jericho Wall

Written By: JOY

When evil comes with war in its eyes
You are the pillars right by our side
You will arise and stand and you’ll push him back
For great is your holy name

When darkness hides the face of the sun
Break through the gloom shine out like the dawn
Lord we belong to you comes renew our strength
We’ll mount up on eagle’s wings

Great is your name you never change
Age unto age you’re still the same
Ancient of days we praise you now until our
Jericho walls fall down

Lord thru your eyes we see whats ahead
And through your word we know we’re the head
Spirit we know your presence has gone before us lead us and guide us on

With amours on we stand on our ground
In Jesus name against you we come
Let every weapon fashioned and every stronghold
Right here now be destroyed

Stand Strong


The rapture will come and we’ll be gone, Al l God’s saint be marching on
We’ll be shining as the sun, Freedom is come
Our work is done, No more worries no more fears
Pain aint got no place in there, We’ll be done with every care, with every care, will you be there?

You got to be bold and be strong
Turn your eyes from the wrong
Coz it may not be long
Stand strong

Losing heaven wont be fun, Glooming darkness never dawn
Wail and torments going on, The end is come the end is come,
Hear what the spirit has to say, Many souls will go astray
Don’t let thetimes take you away, Wacth and pray, watch and pray.

Soon a will be don a with the troubles of the world
Troubles of the world Troubles of the world
Soon a will be don a with the troubles of the world
Going home to be with God


Written By: JOY

Iwo lo to fi okan ti
Iwo lo segun funmi
Apata aye r aiye
Mo sa dio o
Bi aiye ba ko mi le
Ko si eni to dabi re
Apata aiye r aiye
Mo sa di o o

Iwo lo fi imole bo ra
Eledumare eleduwa obanla
Iwo lo fi imole bo ra
Iwo lo fi imole bo ra

Iwo ni orisun iye
Iwo ni orisun ayo
Apata aiye r aiye
Mo sa di o o
Iwo lo to mi sile
Iwo lo gbemisoke
Apata aiye r aiye
Mo sa di o o

Run Away


Just like the sun fills the flowers in the field,
You are my light my portion and shield.
Life is so hopeless without you around
My comfort my solid ground

Take me with you lord I’ll run away
Run away with you, run away
In your presence’s were I love to stay
Run away with you, run away.

Sweet is your love much sweeter than wine
I live for you; I’m yours you are mine.
Love of my soul, I am the branch you are the vine
My comfort you love is so divine

The Reason

Written By: ZACSTER

You are the reason why I dream
No mountain’s high enough to keep me
You fill my life with so much peace
My love for you is supreme

You are the reason why I soar
Within your arms it feels like heaven
Above the clouds of doubts and fear
Your love sets me free

As fair as the moon
As bright as the sun
The brightest kind of flame
Many waters can’t quench
Place me like a seal like a seal on your arms
My treasure and my love

You captured my heart you lift my head
My head above the waters
You gave me hope made me your own
I’m in love with you

Draw me close never let me go
Fill my life
With your sweet perfume
The fragrance of your love
My sweet rose
All I need is you, my lover and my friend

There is nothing in this world
Strong enough to take me from you
You are my flavor
And forever you’re my friend


Written By: JOY

Ayi ne kelegi onwa netili ora
Onyekeluwa Okaka Eze na bia ozo
Onye ebube ,Onye ne yendu,Onye ne chendu
Dike na aha,Odogwu na aha
Onyeukwu onyngozi ka

Onyekelu wa do
Onyekeluwa chineke Na si gi do

Agada gbachiruzo eze ebube onyeoma
Nara ekene nara otuto Eze ndi Eze
Mmo nka amamihe chineke nna okpara
Ndewo ndewo ndewo

Chineke nkigwe oyendika gi
Nuwa neligwe
Idi ebube ,Onyezoputa mo
Gi kam ne kele

Save our Dream

Written By: ZACSTER

We are the children of the world
Show compassion and care
We are the next generation
Give us hope give us a home
Help save our dream
Help save our world

La Raison

Written By: ZACSTER

Tu es la raison de mes reves
Aucune montagne ne peut mempecher de toi
Remplit ma vie avec ta paix
Mon amour pour toi est supreme.

Tu es la raison je me’envole
Je suis au paradis dans tes bras
Au dessous des nues de doute et peur
Ton amour pour me libere

Tout Claire comme la lune
Brilliant comme le soleil
Flamme eclatante aucune eau ne peut l’eteindre
Place moi comme du signe,comme du signe sur tes bras
Ma fortune mon amour

Tu capture mon Coeur
Souleve ma tete au dessous des eaux
Tu me donne de l’esperance
Je suis a toi ,suis amoureuse de toi

Tire moi a toi jamais ne laisse aller
Remplit ma vie avec ton parfum
Sentir de ton amour,ma belle rose,
mes besoin c’est toi
Mon amour et amie

Il n ya rien dans ce monde
Tres fort qui me prendre de toi
Tu es ma saveur
Mon amour pour toi est supreme


We've come up with a Christmas Classic specially written to capture the warmth and fun filled air of christmas.
A first listener will be pleased with the joyful and the spirit of celebration it evokes.
It has a magical ring to it which brings about feelings of nostalagia. Check it out.
enjoy the holiday! Happy Christmas!

Set List

[Happy Christmas]
[I beleive]
[Jericho walls]
[Imole] [Run away]
[The Reason Eng /French]
[Stand strong]
[Save our dream]