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Cant be wastin no time

Written By: Hamo Tevita

Cant Be Wasting No Time

(Verse 1)
I get up in the morning
Another day drifts by
Checking out my reflection
A little more tired around the eyes

(Verse 2)
So I dip into the water
Refreshes the body, if not the soul
But I know what keeps me forward going
The spirit within is in control

No I cant be wasting time
There’s too much out there to find
I gotta go for mine,
Gotta keep on just keeping on
Dont wanna be left behind
Gotta expand the mind
So much I can touch the sky
Gotta keep on just keeping on

I got a million things to do
Let me get through numbers 1 and 2
There aint enough time in the day
Before it starts all over again
If only I did record
Everything when I had my life on pause
You know some times it’s too late
You press the button it’s all been erased

I cant be wasting no time...
I cant be wasting no time...x4

(Verse 3)
I take care of my business
Doin MYO in the B
Cos if I’m going nowhere
The only one to blame is me

(Verse 4)
I just gotta keep it moving
I’ve got nothing to lose but time
And when I finally get there
I can take all that is mine



Hamo Tevita c 2004

Gotta make a livin

Written By: Hamo Tevita/Garrett/Wonder/Wright

Gotta Make a Livin

U gotta run, U gotta roll
U gotta take all- complete control
Sometimes U pay with your soul
Gotta make a living

Talofa (= Samoan for ‘Hello’)

Verse 1
Let me first say straight up/ I’m no playa hater
But this jam is for the fate of/ those that life dont cater
Great R the numbers of masses/ who pray for better
2 get a piece of the pie that’s a little bigger
Than crumbs and some more for the rest of their dependents
to feed the mouths and put a roof over the tennants
All those that struggle to pay for what isn’t finest
but learn 2 make do without, 2 stretch the budget tighter
they might ah try ta make ends (meet) when there’s no beginning
Doing what they do, not what they want 2 make a living
2 make it bearable, counting the bottom liner
All the 9 to 5ers, 1 to 9ers/ Whatever timers
clocking with their bundies/ From Monday thru to Sunday
Dazed upon their feet/ Are the ends that meet the most way
Chained like Che Fu without a navigator
Next to Tina in Arenas full of gladiators

U gotta run, U gotta roll
U gotta take all- complete control
And dont it break your giving soul
Gotta make a living

Verse 2
This is for the players in the fiscal reality
without any cold cash fistfuls of fallecies
Not the gold diggers, but the cool jiggers
Making three figures, paying bills without the withers
feeling like critters/ In a rat race to cat litter
the will to survive equals the will be bitter
as battlers in the war against economic unrationalists
Mashing them, extracting every cents
before then taxing them
Retrenched in the warfare 2b entrenched in the welfare
Stretched 2 da bone, feeling like privatised healthcare
No fear is just a label that we wear on the outside
No hope is really what rages within our own confines

It’s no wonder people plunder not a bit of their pity
When they cant afford 2 squander any sense in this city
To rise above their station substandard of living
in the city theres a story toldby the million
but I bet theres not a buck for each and all and it’s shocking
when all that ching chings is the cha change in your pocket
all arranged it’s just a dollar, a dari and a docket
that says life is cheap, times are hard so just fuck it.


Verse 3
I wish my reality check would bounce
but it’s the only line of credit i have in full amounts
My accounts as weaks as Howard on any given day
Now would a coward flinch if U flicked him in the flames
It’s a shame that Monie Love rules the world,
gets the rides, lifts the pride, pulls the girls
Or if you want the guys, then Ur my way inclined
Can I say it straight I walk a slanted line
But I digress, back to the state of the nation,
the state of the mess is a world wide way thing
Much love for the material, no need 2 make a dress
cos the emperors got new clothes and he’s not gonna stress
that’s the tribes own quest can they kick it the answers yes
Then they should kick him 2 da curb (Moni=true)
No more no less
Cos he’s always fronting as if he’s on the real
It’s the same old song John Without the same appeal
distributing welfare like an unfair pharaoh
hypocrisy of disposable heros making all the zeros
actin like de niro, full a fake bravado
taking all the sprouts when they deserve 2 get tomatoes


Gotta make a living
All taking no giving
cos nothing comes 4 free
There’s no use in waiting
cos life don’t mistake your
realities from dreams

So 4, now we makes the money
busy bees lookin 4 the honey
keeping dreams of rollin running
2 be filthy rich as dunnies.

Hamo Tevita/Garrett/Wonder/Wright
Contains an interpolation of “It’s a shame” by Garrett/Wonder/Wright (emimusic pub)