Hand Brigade

Hand Brigade


Hand Brigade is a collaboration of 6 unique musicians. They have put together ideas and experiments to create a unique indie sound.


-Hand Brigade- was formed in early 2009, based on the solo recordings of Stephen Wolf. Over the course of a few months Wolf's recordings were distributed over the internet and anyone interested in collaborating on the material was invited to come by and give their own input towards the creative process. This cyber-grassroots approach to forming a band attracted a wide array of personalities, musical tastes and questionable behavior. The initial sessions were recorded and conducted more as open-jams based on the original recordings. After finding musicans that Wolf felt meshed well with his creative vision, they worked for a few more months to finish writing what would be their first 5 song EP...the resulting songs were recorded at The Funeral Home in Louisville, Ky. -Hand Brigade- plans to continue the creative processes that have brought them to be. -Hand Brigade- includes Stephen Wolf (guitar), Matt Davidson (bass), Ben Bruker (guitar), Landon Tompkins (drums), Chyppe Crosby (guitar), Adam Moseley (vocals).


Old God...

Set List

Fight the Fleet
He Once Was a Buddhist
And He Discovered
Hello Friend