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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Speak To My Really Cool Attorneys"

"Ok, so I was quick to judge the outfits of Handclaps and Harmonies, one of the bands that played at Club Dada last night in the debut installment of Boca Tinta’s “Listening To:”.

They hit the stage wearing white pants, white belts, white shoes, white ties, white suspenders and blue shirts. It was like a team of southern lawyers had to try an emergency case on Easter Sunday.

I expected a Matlock-Style Battle Royale, but then they started playing and it all made sense."

"If you had to use one word to describe this band it would be fun, energetic, talented and retro.

Of course, that assumes that you are allowed to combine several words separated by commas to create one uberdescriptive word.

HAH’s music, appearance and stage presence embraced various elements of the 60s, 70s and 80s. One moment I’d see a gesture or hear a riff that could have been 45 years old. Then something else would make me wonder what Devo is doing these days.

The only downside of their look and showmanship is that it might overshadow the fact that these are some talented guys.

You also have to give them points for a sweet-ass Moog synth, horn section choreography and just the right amount of *clapclap… clap… clapclap… clap*."
Paul miscommunication.net - Paul www.miscommunication.net

"Next came Handclaps & Harmonies"

"Next came Handclaps & Harmonies, who all literally wore blue shirts and white pants, ties, shoes and suspenders. Introduced as the Beach Boys meets Weezer meets Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Handclaps & Harmonies filled the small stage their with seven, yes seven members (Mark Huebel – vocals and guitar, Pat Adams – vocals and bass, Chris Voss – vocals and guitar, Kris Knight – vocals and synth, Jonathan Losasso - drums, Graham Douglas - tenor saxophone, Jamie Hurst - trombone) before filling the air with sugary sweet indie-pop that hit like it was a golden oldie blast from the past. Experiencing Handclaps is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for the eyes and ears - it’s certainly satisfying"" this young group could do-wop their way into North Texas music history." - Kaitlin Parker, texasgigs.com - Kaitlin Parker www.texasgigs.com

"Put your hands together for..."

Fronted by North Richland Hills native Mark Huebel, 23, Handclaps and Harmonies fancies itself something like a pop band of the '60s with a little Weezer thrown in for a more modern feel. Dressed in matching blue pastel shirts with white ties, pants, suspenders and shoes, the guys in the band do their best to recreate the feel of their heroes from decades past, while maintaining the youthful vigor that made those bands so appealing.- Paul Salfen QuickDFW.com, Dallas Morning News
- Paul Salfen QuickDFW.com, Dallas Morning News


The Clap LP- Released 2003 Discontinued
Handclaps and Harmonies presents Handclaps and Harmonies LP- Released 2007



Handclaps and Harmonies was founded in late 2003 when long time friends and co-workers, Mark Huebel (guitar) and Pat Adams (bass) decided to start a new musical endeavor. After writing a small collection of songs the two started the search for the other members of the band. They added drummer Colt Miranda and synthesizer player Kris Knight. The newly formed band then hit the studio to record its debut album entitled "The Clap". After its release the band continued to play shows throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. In late 2005 the band enlisted long time friend and fellow musician Chris Voss to join the group. With the new addition came a new direction for the band. 2006 brought the start of a new album. During the recording process the band asked drummer Jonathan Losasso to join the group. After an extensive writing, recording and producing process the band released its second record entitled "Handclaps and Harmonies presents Handclaps and Harmonies". The band now continues to play to shows and promote their new album.