Hand Drawn Mountains

Hand Drawn Mountains


Hand Drawn Mountains is Indie, Lyrical, Folk Rock. We create inventive music with soaring group vocals.


Third place winners of the 2009 New Band Showcase at Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois. Hand Drawn Mountains was one of the 155 national and international bands entered in the competition. Hand Drawn Mountains was awarded, by popular vote, a third place spot in the showcase.

In 2010 Hand Drawn Mountains has been invited back to play The Gallery Stage at Cornerstone Music festival.

The members of Hand Drawn Mountains live in the rolling hills of a northern Pittsburgh, PA town, called Butler. This up and coming Indie Rock band is made up of husbands, wives, and friends rejoicing in the art of creative music. Hand Drawn Mountains is music looking inward. There is no consideration for the aesthetic or fashion of what has been or what will be. Instead there is singular vision, the joyful and melancholy sound of lives. Six sets of eyes to gaze upon Creation and sing: We are caught up in eternity.

Indie Vision Music says, “Hand Drawn Mountains is a band to watch…I look forward to seeing more from them.”

The band has played many diverse venues at colleges, clubs, churches, cafes, and festivals.

Hand Drawn Mountains released their first six song EP in the spring of 2009 titled, “Old Fires”. They are currently recording their full length album, titled, “Bare Branches” to be released in 2010.


Old Fires- EP

Currently recording a new full length album titled, "Bare Branches".

Set List

30-60 min. In a 30 min set we play about 5 or 6 songs. All of our songs are original.