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Accomac, VA | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

Accomac, VA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Skyzoo & VA Rapper Handles Link to "Break Records""

Virginia rapper Handles links with Skyzoo, who himself is gearing up to release two projects this year, for the determined “Break Records.”
“Pass the baton, I’m Michael Johnson when it comes to the rhymes,” Handles raps as both emcees have goals to break rap records at the pace of the Olympic legend referenced throughout the song.

The song, highlighted, can be found on Handles’ recently released album, 809060, named after the era he was born in (’80s), raised in (’90s) and raised by (’60s). - 2DopeBoyz

"On The Rise: Check Out New Project By Handles, '809060'"

With stand out productions from OSYM, ArrogantWatcher, T-Rifik, Maskerade, and more, Handles presents ‘809060’ which stands for Born in the 80’s, Raised in the 90’s, and Taught by the 60’s. That idea demonstrates his background growing up and feels that not only does this album represents that but it also relates to many that were born, raised and taught from that mindset. The 13-track LP with collaborations from Skyzoo, Kori Nicole, Rone and more includes his two singles “Stop Sleepin” produced by T-Rifik and “Too Obvious” featuring Sanura, produced by Joey Cutless. Both have made their way onto major platforms and spins on various stations. - The Source

"Review: Handles - 809060"

Handles’ 809060 is titled as such because the Virginian rapper was born in the 80s raised in the 90s and learned from the 60s, and these things about him are unpacked quite nicely throughout the album. He handles his bars, has well-chosen features, and vibrant production. 809060 is definitely a cohesive project that should get more than a few listens out of most.

He starts things off with “Amnesia,” which is ironic because the track is not forgettable, rather it serves as a reminder of Handles’ skills as he spits over a drum and piano driven instrumental. He reinforces this reminder with the second track “Stop Sleepin,” and calls for his ride or dies on “1 thing,” while commenting on some of society’s pitfalls.

“BR+LS” is for the fans of the puff puff pass, and Kori Nicole’s vocal assist lands the cut high on my favorite 809060 tracks list. But the fifth track snags the number one spot for a reason that should be obvious, it’s titled “Sidney Shaw” after the character who played XXL’s Editor-In-Chief in Brown Sugar. Handles and Rone take inspiration from the 2002 film as they express admiration for hip-hop and a lucky lady.

Rone stays on to contribute his vocals to “Shore Thing,” where Handles raps about his surroundings and their influences on him over production with a bluesy undertone. “Shore Thing” is followed by “Break Records” featuring rapper Skyzoo and singer Charlie Rae which is about exactly what you think it is. On the energetic “Who” featuring Kajmir Royale Handles tells a story of entanglement of love and lust, and asks the person at the center of it all to make a decision. Things get a little more tranquil with the smooth interlude “Half A Letter.”

“POV” demonstrates what life is like through Handles’ eyes to put it simply, and “Looking For You” featuring Gabriela Tristan is about how simple love could be. 809060 ends things with “Want It All” and “Too Obvious” featuring Sanura. And like most of the songs on the album they get you amped for more from Handles. - DopeCauseWeSaid

"Five Songs Every Player Needs On Their 2017 NBA Playoff Playlist"

Virginia rapper Handles recruits Brooklyn MC Skyzoo and singer Charlie Rae as they’re determined to prove their greatness on the properly titled track, “Break Records.” Although the song references Olympic legend Michael Johnson, the two rappers have one goal in common, proving they can beat the greats. Players such as LeBron James and Russell Westbrook shattered records during the 2016-17 season. Although Westbrook made history and is the leading contender for league MVP, it wasn’t enough to take his Oklahoma City Thunder team to the next round. ‘Bron-Bron’ is on the other hand is determined to bring another ‘ship to Cleveland, that is if they can beat the best team in the league, Golden State. - The Sports Fan Journal

"(Album Review) - @Handles757 809060"

We first caught notice to Virginia-based emcee Handles here at GYBU around 2012 with the release of the DJ Suss One-hosted, “Done Thinking”. Even back then, he was repping Hip Hop to the core. Fast forward five years later and the coastal native blesses us with his latest audio effort, “809060”.

Containing thirteen tracks in total, Handles looks towards an assortment of producers to help bring his concept project to life with OSYM at the helm of it all. The title is symbolic to three specific decades that each holds it’s own uniqueness to the artist. Those three points focus on the era he was born in, a time when Hip Hop was it’s purest and the critical time frame of the civil rights movement. With a limited amount of guests including Skyzoo, Handles aims to carry on the tradition he’s been doing since he first touched base here on our site. (Read more on site) - GetYourBuzzUp

"Promotion: Handles - Who Got The Props [Video]"

On this day, we turn our attention beyond the borders of our country, where we meet Handles, MC with whom we will continue the series of promotions.

It is preparing the launch video of the song "Stop Sleepin 'and the launch of a new material, and the remaining time until then, gives listeners freestyle which he conducted the instrumental song" Who Got The Props "on Black Moon.

Freestyle is accompanied by a video, which is the result of Virtue's The Artist and can be viewed later in this article.

Handles's work can be followed on SoundCloud, YouTube and Facebook. Enjoy! - BlackSheepSound

"(New Audio)- @Handles757 Stop Sleepin"

Virginia lyricist Handles is back and this time, he is joined by producer T-Rifik to let the world know to “Stop Sleepin'” on his talented wordplay. The song has a strong Jay-Z “Blueprint” type of vibe to it, from the potent production to it’s confident bar work. The song is yet another warm-up as Handles preps his “809060” album. - GetYourBuzzUp

"(New Video)- @Handles757 Love For You (Remix)"

Virginia Hip Hop artist Handles lets loose a new video to his Joe Budden influenced remix to “Love For You”. This is an appetizer to satisfy listeners until his album “809060” is finished and ready to release. Follow along as Handles takes viewers on a walk around town as he expresses his life thru song. The video can be watched below. - GetYourBuzzUp

"Video: @Handles757 - "Too Obvious""

Off his upcoming album ‘809060,’ Handles releases his video for “Too Obvious,” which is produced by Joey Cutless and directed by Mark Griffin/DiffamaEnt. - YouHeardThatNew

"New Music: Handles - Leap Of Faith (feat. JuJu)"

Virginia MC, Handles, delivers a well-crafted track combining soothing R&B by JuJu and Flawless Track providing the melodies for them to deliver their message. - Respect Mag

"Handles Ft. Sanura - Too Obvious (Prod. By Joey Cutless)"

In this soulful track, Too Obvious, Handles speaks on the struggles he has experienced as an indie artist from half-assed promoters, criticism, money troubles and living his dream. Featuring guest vocalist Sanura Harris, Handles releases this track off his upcoming album “809060” produced by Joey Cutless. It is a follow-up from his latest mixtape Done Thinking hosted by DJ Suss-One. - HipHopSince1987

"Handles - Want It All (Prod.By OSYM)"

Virginia MC, Handles releases single, “Want It All,” produced by OSYM.
Also… Check out Handles in the studio with Bless the Genius, working on the upcoming album “809060“. Shot by Barry Bryant. - HipHopSince1987

"(New Video)-@Handles757 "Fakin' The Funk (Remix)" Shot By @B_Bphresh"

Handles is back with another dope cover, putting his style over the classic record “Fakin’ The Funk” by Main Source and staying true to hip hop’s roots. - GetYourBuzzUp

"Handles - Too Obvious (ft. Sanura) (prod.by Joey Cutless)- [Audio]"

Still riding the wave from his third successful mixtape Done Thinking which dropped earlier this year, ESVa's own Handles brings us Too Obvious, the first leak from his highly anticipated debut release 809060. Handles spits his always potent and concise lyrics while informing the detractors that he's primed and ready to take the industry by the horns and make it his b*tch. His calm, but aggressive conversational approach is why he's applauded for his lyricism above anything else and that is something that's lost when it comes to the majority of the newcomers in the game these days. I can say I've watched this man grind for the last few years and I'm personally recommending a healthy dose of Handles to bring in the holiday season with. Hopefully after you check this joint, you will become a fan as well. Peace...Jones - Writer Jones, BecauseILoveHipHop.com

"Handles "Done Thinking" Hosted by DJ Suss-One Mixtape Review"

Dont' be fooled by the title of Eastern Shore hip-hop artist, Handles's, latest mixtape. This young man is far from dumb. On “Speakers On Blast” (track 4), he proclaims "…I'm here to educate as I regulate where the bars at.” He does just that.

DJ Suss One (Power 105) hosts the mixtape, dropping an offcial approval of the project on the first track, "Done Thinking", in which Handles introduces the overall themes of his work: integrity, knowledge, and unity. Simply put, this work is a refreshing blend of New-School hip-hop instrumentation with Old-School hip-hop values including heavy sampling, and thought provoking subject matter. Handles paints listeners an abstract view of his world perspective; vividly depicting his positions on the responsiblity we all have to better our youth, the greif of losing loved ones to the streets, love itself, and even materialistic dreams ("Whip Game" track 11). Evenstill, this mixtape isn't for the twerkers, its for the thinkers.

The arrangement of "Done Thinking" is on point, making the skip button on your listening device unceccesary. It has a nice flow with super hip-hop beats ("Tape Rock" ft. MASS), ultra soulful tracks such as "Hurt Me", and turn-up tracks such as "Whip Game", although I must say I could do without the latter.

"Whip Game" is my least favorite track on the mixtape, not because of the materialistic subject matter (I mean we all want nice things right?), but because I don't feel the same passion from Handles as I do on other songs on the mixtape...it almost feels like a 'filler-song', to prevent the mixtape from being overly conscious, however it is not odd enough to disrupt the flow of the album.

While soulful, "Hurt Me" is also one of my favorite tracks on the allbum. Here, Handles opens up and discusses an old relationship. It has a summertime feel to it, and singer, Rob McCoy's voice is a perfect match to the tone of the record. One of the dopest songs on the mixtape is "Monsta" (track 5). Here Handles viciously attacks all half-ass rappers over a champion-like beat (produced by Best Kept Secret). I think the game could use a little lyrical (oppossed to physical or material) competitiveness, so I can appreciate his raw attitude on this track. Often you hear rappers bragging about how much money and women they have at their disposal, but what happened to bragging about what really matters? Having the best music.

Handles delivers a relevant interpretation of life with old-school fundamentals. Simply put, if you love Hip-Hop, you will love "Done Thinking." - Ashanti Bragg, The Ave


"Handles. I can’t say I like many rappers these days, but I like you. I like your energy. I like how your voice is an instrument onto its own that compliments the beat especially in a day and age of Hip-Hop when voices are separate entities that have a flow of their own; many times in sharp contrast to the beat(better known as as not rapping on beat)." - Raul, LastTuesdays.org - Raul, LastTuesdays.org

"RT's Mixtape Double Feature: Handles & Frank Math"

From time to time, I like to step out of the RVA boundaries and stumble across talent from our surrounding counties. I found an inspiring artist from the Eastern Shore of VA named Handles who I admire for keeping the 90’s flow of hip hop alive. He dropped a tape called Done Thinking which is hosted by DJ Suss One of Power 105 in NYC. You can tell by Handles' flow, style, and persona that he is in tune with his hip hop roots and takes after the image as well. His metaphors and similes will remind you of early Nas and Jay-Z, or more recent underground emcee Skyzoo. I always admire listening to real music that I can either relate to and makes me think about the verse that was said. I did a video review last year for his song “Tape Rock,” which features fellow VA emcee Mass, and Mass is on this tape as well. I really liked how he rhymed on “Take Ya Time,” on which he states that you need to take your time making your music so the people will understand what you stand for. “90’s Love” is a track that demonstrates what I was stating about how Handles sticks to his roots. His delivery and message are powerful, and he shouts out a lot of the artists from that era. This mixtape is a certified classic in my eyes.
Must Listen: FRESH, Lifestyle, M.ind O.ver M.atter

By Roger Tyler - Roger Tyler, RVA Magazine - rvamag.com

"Handles - Done Thinking hosted by DJ Suss One of Power 105.1 [Mixtape]"

Handles drops his latest and highly anticipated project Done Thinking, which he probably should have named Spazzing Out because that is exactly what he did on this joint. Handles has been promoting this project for God knows how long. I thought he was going to pull a Jay Electronica on us. I didn't mind the wait because I knew it was going to be good. He's consistent in that respect, never putting out wack music. I must say though, this might be the best one out of the "Thinking" series. I was truly taken aback.

Imagine DJ Suss One is the chauffeur. Handles steps out the whip and invites you to join him for a ride. Suss One puts the pedal to the metal and its take off time. Handles always had the ability to capture his listeners attention within the first 30 seconds and here is no exception. The first and title track immediately puts you in the zone. From then on out, it's nothing but good music which toggles between hard hitters, soulful compositions, and what I would call that new 90s (has the vibe of golden era hip hop, but other contributing factors make it sound fresh and new).

Done Thinking doesn't have a weak track on it, but I still have my favs and here they are:

Done Thinking - He could not have chosen a more perfect song to open this album with. Astronote on the beat.
Tape Rock - This song gives a nod to the 80s - 90s with the use of cutting and scratching and those table knocking worthy drums, but Handles and Mass make it fresh with their lyrical delivery.
Monsta - Best Kept Secret put his foot in this track. Geeezus.
Pain and Progression - Handles, along with A.Driver, Intalek, and Carnage45 just rip through this raw Flawless Tracks beat. At the end of it, you can peep Amanda Diva reciting her well known spoken word piece, 40 Emcees. There's a track backed version of this piece also that features Q-tip and you can check that here.
Hurt Me - Rob McCoy, an RnB artist from Jersey, gets his Soul 4 Real on. I swear he sounds like one of those group members. But yeah, this one can definitely get some 2-step action.
Music vs Women vs Men - The concept of this song is clever. Hip Hop has been often used metaphorically in relation to women, but Jazzarae delivers that same concept in her verse except its in relation to men. Handles takes the former, and both sides intertwine to create Music vs Women vs Men.
Whip Game - I love what Handles did with this D.R.U.G.S. beat.
90s Love - This is the last track on the album (not including the bonus track). Astronote provides Handles the perfect instrumental landscape for his bars. Hip Hop is love!

The honorary 757 native Handles does it again, giving us nothing but supreme lyricism with production choices to match. I want to thank him for also adding "He say, She say, I say" to this album and inviting Kay Flow to add something to the SmilesTF1 produced track previously made for BILHH's The Wish Vol 1. I have been a fan of Handles since I was first introduced to him and I will continue to be one. If you click on that Handles label at the end of this post, you will see how far back my support goes. Salute homie and keep that good music coming.

Til next time... - Ms.Anita, BecauseILoveHipHop.com

"Handles - Done Thinking"

Eastern Shore, VA emcee Handles rang in the New Year by dropping off his last installment of his “Thinking Ahead” series with DJ Suss-One titled “Done Thinking”. A 15 track long raw hip hop collection with features from Mass, A.Driver, Intalek, Carnage45, Kartel Kobain, Satasha M., Rob McCoy, Jazzarae, Sanura, Bobby Capri & Kay Flow and production by Astronote, D.R.U.G.S., Best Kept Secrets, Flawless Tracks and others.

Handles kicks it off with a track that shares its name with the mixtape title, “Done Thinking”, where he goes from thinking mode to pure action. “Tape Rock” contains a Biggie sample and Handles speaking on the tape deck era. We also get a snipplet of Nas speaking on cassette decks. On “Fresh” he spazs out over some cosmic slop reminiscent of the Redman/Keith Murray sound of yesteryears. “Speakers On Blast” carries a heavy DJ Premier influence and speaks on the resurrection of that nineties hip hop feeling.

On the soulful “Monsta” Handles does a nice job of flowing over the sampled horns and the tom tom rolls will remind you of the Don Cannon/Jeezy beat “Go Crazy”. “It’s Like That” is an ode to the old school hip hop movement and speaks on Handles life growing up. The track also samples Micheal Jackson’s “Human Nature”. “Pain & Progression” and “Take Ya Time” are collab tracks that are decent. “Hurt Me” is Handles take on a bad past relationship. “Whip Game” is dedicated to the vehicle connoisseurs out there.

“He Say, She Say, I Say (Remix) was a previously released track on a different project but this is the song that put me onto Handles in the first place, so it’s only right it made it onto this mixtape. On “Lifestyle” Handles goes into great detail about how a person’s lifestyle directly affects a persons well being and those around them. He then pays tribute to the best era in hip hop on the super soulful “90's Love” and on M.ind O.ver M.atter he explains his triumphs thru struggles and knowledge he’s acquired over the years.

“Done Thinking” is a very solid and well put together mixtape that has deep seeded roots in the 90's hip hop movement. He stuck with that concept throughout the entire album and his lyrics and delivery are superb. Keep a lookout for Handles to make some major noise within the industry.

Written by: blitz b - Blitz B, GetYourBuzzUp.com

"Handles - Thinking 2wice Ahead: The Album"

Handles gives you another great project, his album title Thinking 2wice Ahead, which continues from his mixtape series. It’s Refreshing, Real, and Relatable. 15 tracks of Great music with lyrical content! Features from: Intalek, A.Driver, Jigzaw, Sanura, & many more… - The Rebel Society

"Formal Introduction w/Handles"

Formal Introduction w/ Handles (@Handles757)

The latest edition of Formal Introduction, introduces the world to Virginia emcee, Handles. He is from a part of Virginia that not too many people are aware of in the Eastern Shore. So check out his journey of becoming one of the top emcees in Virginia. (read more at link) - The Rebel Society

"2011 VA (757) Cypher feat. A.Driver, Intalek, JetNoiseCardi, Handles & Thadd Williams"

Black & white images do not dilute the moment of colored expression of words that feed the cultural destination of eloquent wordplay with colors. Enduring the weather of blossoming without concern for wilting against the beat of competition requires one to be beyond average. Parting with thoughts that do not depart with a farewell was the purpose behind the “2011 VA (757) Cypher.” Masked with colored images but painting with words on a shared track, the VA emcees presented noble lyricism by gracefully shaping words into sculptures of expression that Handles from Eastern Shore, VA refers to as the “fundamental resource” of the “human mind” of an emcee. Blinking without worrying about the next word that escapes from their minds through their lips while knowing in the words of Thadd Williams that their rhymes should be described as material that is like “rap arts & crafts.” - DMVculture

"Handles: The Savage of the South"

A dream does not remain a dream for long when you wake up every day with the motivation to achieve it. Aspiring rapper Handles brings new meanings to the word “hunger”; consistently displaying his drive to fulfill his appetite for artistic success. To the Virginia State University student body, he’s Kentral Savage while to music-craving ears, he’s the savaging beast properly names Handles; flooding airwaves with a lyrically incising set of bars that you not only bob your head in unison to, but mentally commend him for his perpetual ambition. Similar to the soothing effect elevator music has on most individuals, Handles provides you with musical delights that can be played virtually anywhere; AKA: no curse words. While many rappers in their adolescent 20’s struggle to locate the adjectives in their minds to express the emotions of their verses, he seemingly effortlessly flows his thoughts through his mouth, censor-free. Proving to listeners both young and old how set apart he is from the social stigma of rappers today.

Properly making the bed he chooses to lay in, he studies the art of music production, ultimately strengthening his already natural talent. With a commitment each and every aspect of learning, he continues to pursue his master’s degree with both an associate and bachelor’s degree already notched on his belt. Such motivation to his intellect shines throughout his lyrics, and inspires nearly everyone to master the craft they are blessed with.

“I think music is in everyone.”

“His belief in that unites every soul with the sole purpose of keeping us all connected through music and forever bonded to the liberation of self-expression. “He is a bold person with a bold message – say what you have to say and say it your way.” Devotion is the motive, success is the goal, and expression is key. The melodic art provided by Kentral “Handles” Savage is not to be heard but to be listened to. - Aundrea Murray, DMVculture.com

"Handles - Thinking More Than Ever"

Hip Hop lives in the 757!

I came across this one on my Twitter timeline and thought this should be pretty good. I had previously heard some of his joints on YouTube and liked where dudes head was. So when the mixtape dropped I was like yes sirree! Let me tell you. I was not let down. Neck was hurting after it was over. I mean, it’s a head nodder most of the way through. And lyrically, he takes me back to a time when it wasn't just about money, it wasn't about fame, it was about respecting the culture and dropping jewels in your ear. I don't know where Handles got his name, but he handles those tracks for sure. I'm so impressed with this joint. I mean he's spitting about some real ish. No poppin bottles, no makin it rain in the strip club, just real music.

There are 21 tracks on this street album. I have a lot of favs so I'm not going to list them all. This post would get too long. *Thinking*….ok I will list my top 5.
1. Listen 2 the Melody - Beat wise, puts me in the mind set of a Pete Rock/CL smooth joint, or Queen Latifah's UNITY. The first verse is dedicated to our troops. A lot folk in this area can relate to the pain felt when someone close to you has to go away on deployment. Handles spits that verse in such a way that it’s not corny at all, and it’s heartfelt.
2. Am I Going Crazy – WOW! *Standing ovation*

3. I’m Just Saying – Retro vibe and Handles murders it
4. Cut you Loose – Vibe with him! Feel good joint
5. Real Music – Daaaaayum! Get your neck brace ready.

Now there are a few tracks I can personally live without. 10, 11, 16, and 17. They have that BOB Airplanes vibe and that’s not really my steez. But anyone who’s into songs like that will love them. They have mad commercial appeal and can be played on the radio tomorrow. And don’t get it twisted, he still shows and proves lyrically on those cuts.

So that is that. I haven’t posted in a minute and this joint inspired me to get off Twitter and write this. Good stuff right here and it will get heavy rotation in the minivan.

This one can be downloaded for free here http://handles.bandcamp.com/. And while you’re at it, check out Thinking 2wice Ahead as well. Oh and shout out to DJ Strez who hosted the mixtape (Strezzing you out!), the home grown celebs who featured on it, and to the producers who contributed to this hip hop work of art.

Some of the best stuff I’ve been coming across lately have been free downloads. I’m psyched.

Til next time, Ms Anita. - Ms.Anita, becauseilovehiphop.com - Blogger


809060 (2017)

Done Thinking hosted by DJ Suss-One (2013)

Thinking More Than Ever hosted by DJ Strez (2012)

Thinking 2wice Ahead: The Album (2011)

Thinking 2wice Ahead: The Mixtape (2010)

Thinking Ahead hosted by DJ Nice (2009)



Kentral Savage, better known professionally as Handles, is an aspiring artist from the Eastern Shore of Virginia who brings new meanings to the word “hunger”; consistently displaying his drive to fulfill his appetite for artistic success. Handles provides you with musical delights that can be played virtually anywhere, while many rappers in their adolescent 20’s struggle to locate the adjectives in their minds to express the emotions of their verses. Proving to listeners both young and old how set apart he is from the social stigma of rappers today.

After his 2013 mixtape release titled 'Done Thinking' hosted by Power105's own DJ Suss-One, Handles was able to live and grow more musically over the years while perfecting his craft and building his fanbase. With his 2017 release of his latest album '809060', along with staying on the road, helped gain recognition by it reaching over 600,000 plays on soundcloud, being featured on blogs (2DopeBoyz, The Source, etc.) and even cosign approvals from many artists major and independent such as: Skyzoo, Talib Kweli, Rapsody, Grand Puba, MadSkillz, and Estelle to name a few. Handles has opened for artists: Rakim, Redman & Method Man, The LOX, Raekwon, CyHi The Prynce, Beanie Sigel, Joe Budden, EPMD, Cassidy, Keith Murray, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Biz Markie, Wu-Tang Clan member Cappadonna, Vince Staples, Ginuwine and more. He has also done shows and music festivals in New York, Washington D.C, Virginia, Atlanta, North Carolina, amongst many more cities along the east coast.

He is a bold person with a bold message – say what you have to say and say it your way.” Devotion is the motive, success is the goal, and expression is key. The melodic art provided by Handles is not to be heard but to be listened to. His music is Real, Raw, and Soulful.

Band Members