Handmade Moments

Handmade Moments

 Conway, Arkansas, USA

Handmade Moments is a funky jazz/folk trio from Conway, Arkansas. Complete with an upright bass, guitar, tenor ukulele, and a sexy female vocal, Handmade Moments wins over any crowd with its infectious grooves and jazzy rhythms.


Sultry, Sensual, and Sexy: these are words that describe the music of Handmade Moments. The Moments, as they are sometimes called, have built a solid reputation for the intricate interplay between their acoustic instruments, and their impressive vocals. They've composed a modern sound made of two distinct traditions: folk and jazz. Like a cook who discovers that you can put pancakes and bacon together to make a delicious breakfast, the Moments have repurposed these two genres to make an all together new sensation. And that, is a Handmade Moment.


"Extraspecial Prize" EP - December, 2011
1. Window Song
2. Meaningful Things
3. Dive into the East Sky
4. Viper
5. Blue Skies

Set List

Mack the Knife
All of Me
Electric Feel
Till There Was You
A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Cry Me a River
Family Affair
Sunday Morning
A Foggy Day (In London Town)
Dance Me To the End of Love
I'll Be Seeing You
Blue Skies
Fly Me to the Moon
At Last
Stormy Weather
What a Wonderful World
Drown in My Own Tears
La Vie en Rose
Me and Bobby Mcgee
Proud Mary

*Original Material*
Window Song
Dive into the East Sky
Meaningful Things
Don't Let Jesus Take the Wheel
My Booty is So Luxurious
My Rose
Backyard Dogs
Crowded Car
Soul Song