Hand me downs

Hand me downs

 Hamilton, Waikato, NZL

Originals folk pop/rock band from Raglan,our music has been described as unique,distinctive,catchy,uplifting,from the heart,quirky, honest and punchy.We offer an eclectic mix of songs to suit any age group with instrumentation such as banjo, d/bass and violin we have a retro yet contemporary sound.


Hand me downs are an up-and-coming originals folk/rock/pop band founded in Raglan by British singer-songwriter Lucy Cioffi. They have been playing live and developing original songs since Jan 2010. The band name was aptly chosen as Lucy is the second youngest of six siblings and spent her youth dressed in retro clothes. The other band members shared the same fate so this was a common trait. They also frequent the recycle centre in Raglan which is notorious for its hand me downs. After travelling Australasia, Lucy (lyrics/vocals/guitar) had accumulated an album's worth of material, writing songs from the heart about travelling, past loves, losing inhibitions, anguish, desperation, busking, being broke and gypsy queens! By chance she met Raglan musicians Dougal Greer (guitar/banjo) and Dion Chappell (guitar) and from there Hand me downs formed. Dougal and Dion add driving guitar and banjo riffs to Lucy's catchy, quirky and uplifting songs which can be described as honest and punchy. They have since acquired two new band members from Raglan Reg Valente (double bass) and Simon Buxton (drums) They are often joined on stage by Hamilton guest musician Mary Axon (violin)and are now ready to take on NZ! Lucy gets a great deal of inspiration from the stunning scenery in Raglan which is home to one of the longest left hand surf breaks in the world. In the disposable climate we live in today, the Hand me downs believe in reusing and recycling, especially good music, which should be passed on to generations and generations. Mt Karioi, an iconic feature of the landscape in Raglan, inspired Lucy to write Karioi which is a catchy, uplifting and infectious song. Originally written as a poem, the words easily transformed in to lyrics and were then blended with driving guitar riffs and driving bass lines accompanied by sweet as violin. Once heard, Karioi is very difficult to forget, especially the catchy chorus: Far and away she is seen by all but never heard. Let the sleeping lady lay amongst the trees and the birds. Hand me downs are working on a 5 track EP which is being partly funded by Creative Communities NZ.



Written By: Lucy Cioffi

V1 Centuries have passed
and still her story is untold
those who trespass, trod and tramp
on her sleeping soul

try not to wake her

Chorus: Far and Away she is
seen by all but never heard
Let the sleeping lady lay
amongst the trees and the birds

Her beauty never fades
but sometimes she can disappear
Storm's a brewing
it's heading her way
Karioi show no fear

Repeat chorus

V3 Will you let me climb?
I promise i'll respect your ground
Show me a sign and i'll find the time
to reach for the clouds

Repeat Chorus


Written By: Lucy Cioffi

V1 What is love when you can not say goodbye
without crying it's a shame but you can not walk
away without trying
I can't stop trying

Bridge: and i've changed my mind
three times over
it's just not right
i'm hurting someone older someone wiser
but he was such a miser

Chorus He was such a miser
I'm not trying to start a fight
I just want to say goodbye

V2 What is love when you can not speak your mind
cause you're worried that you're running out of time
to make your mind up
I can't make my mind up

Repeat bridge and chorus

V3 What is love when you can not take a shower
in the midnight hour cause it costs too much
it cost you much
yeah it cost you much

Repeat bridge and chorus


Karioi - Raglan Radio, Tractor FM

Set List

Turn and face
Over the draft
Kamikaze Kiss
What happened to my Tuesday
Not far from this

All songs written by Lucy Cioffi