Hands and Knees

Hands and Knees


The very best of hands-and-knees genre music available ANYWHERE ON EARTH. And it's right here.


Boston-based garage pop combo "Hands and Knees" combines the inventive guitar noise and pop sense of The Pixies with the suicidal-child melancholy of Cat Power and Morrisey to create a stunning starkly pretty sound.

Built around the unadorned smokey vocals of Carina Kelly and the distant and lovely tenor of Joe O’Brien, this group creates music that splits the difference between maximum hummability and the soundtrack to a country teen's death flick. Echoes of other influences include The Jesus & Mary Chain, Elliott Smith, Mazzy Star, and Guided By Voices, and they show off the depth of their music knowledge with a winning cover of the Tall Dwarfs' obscure lo-fi masterpiece "All My Hollowness To You".

The members of Hands and Knees record and often rehearse in guitarist Scott Hoffman's haunted church-like studio in a sleepy town in western Massachusetts, though the members split their home bases between there and Boston.

The story goes that Hoffman went for a walk in the woods on a snowy afternoon and discovered Carina and Joe in a clearing deep in the woods, trading songs while each strummed on a guitar, apparently too shy to risk another human hear them. Several weeks later, they stumbled upon drummer Philip Ilatovsky and found themselves in Hoffman's ghost-ridden studio, with songs and a name to boot!

That was only a few months ago. Now with a handful of beautiful recordings and numerous live shows behind them, Hands and Knees has separated themselves from that fateful cold day in the woods.


The Charlie Rose

Written By: Hands and Knees

You should write me a weekly lesson
then maybe I wouldn't be so fucking
crazy and blue. Oh, hell's the fullest
hug, you cross your fingers tight, I want to levitate, I want to put away
all of these sober feelings.
You should give me a bit of your heaven then maybe I wouldn't feel like hell tonight, I'm through. Oh God no nothing's wrong, I know it's 11:11, I want to levitate, I want to stay up late tonight to watch Charlie Rose. His studio's a little black hole. He sits his guests around the table, and conversate about the depths of life. Somewhere like that we could be warm again, warm again, warm again, but no no no you don't like Charlie Rose.
You should write me a good prescription, then maybe I wouldn't be so fucking crazy and blue. Oh God no nothing's wrong, I know it's 11:11....
you don't like Charlie Rose, but I still like you.

Into the Cold Lake

Written By: Hands and Knees

I want to take you into the cold lake.
I want to make you wade in.
I want to swim next to you,
I don't know how to, but I'll fake it.
You and I might go into the deep lake.
Our bodies lie on the water and we could float there. Do you remember, remember, remember, remember the first time?

Shove It Up Your Heart

Written By: Hands and Knees

I hold this stone, I hold this stone, I hold this stone and think of you. Stick it in yer heart babe, stick it in through the skin. Why am I so cold? Why am I so cold?....
I hold this stone, I hold this stone and think of you.


"I Didn't Mean It", EP. I Wish I Was Unpopular Records (England), 2006.

Set List

Here are the originals we've been playing recently:

You Don't Mean What You Say
Who the Hell Is That Happy Man?
Baby, Goodbye
The Charlie Rose
Into the Cold Lake
We Don't See Any Stars
Pablo Swim
Shove It Up Your Heart
Do You Look At Everyone That Way?
A Simple Other

We'll play a couple of covers usually too (Tall Dwarves, Vaselines, My Teenage Stride, The Clash...).

The set is about 45 minutes long.