Hands and Knees

Hands and Knees

 Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA

Hands and Knees are Joe, Carina, Scott and Nick from Boston and Western Massachusetts. They are an unfussy songwriting band that has been characterized as a piquant, Americana-tinged low-fi act with beautifully dissonant melodies and distorted bouncy low-fi power pop from the future. Mixing a touch of punk, a bit of country glam and a dash of Brit-pop, this indie quartet has just fi nished recording its third album in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.


Hands and Knees are the "type of band that could make you stop what you're doing and walk up to the front of the stage to see who is making that wonderful racket" (NE Performer Magazine). For the past four years, they've been bringing their "jangly, beautifully dissonant melodies" (The Weekly Dig) to Boston and to cities all along the east coast, making a name for themselves for their raw, upbeat shows featuring the boy/girl vocals of Joe O'Brien (guitar) and Carina Kelly (bass).

Joe and Carina met in the desert of New Mexico in 2002, writing very small songs that they mostly kept to themselves. A couple of years later they regrouped in their native Massachusetts with Carina's childhood friend Scott Hoffman (lead guitar), and formed Hands and Knees. Nicholas Branigan, a veteran drummer of bands including Bane, Gary War, The Bobb Trimble Band and The Tony the Bookie Orchestra, joined the group in 2009.

Having released two well-received albums (2007 "Hands and Knees" on Banazan; 2009 "Et tu, Fluffy?" on Midriff Records), Hands and Knees have continued writing about the things they love and recording the songs they want to hear. Their new record "Ghostown, Josephine and Hollowbody" was recorded at Ghost Town Studios in Shelburne Falls, MA and will be released in late December 2010. A Christmas 7" featuring the songs James Brown Died On Christmas Day and The Biggest Snowflake will be released in early December.


Ghostown, Josephine, and Hollowbody, LP (Dec. 2010)

James Brown Died On Christmas Day, 7" (Dec. 2010)

Et tu, Fluffy? (2009, Midriff Records). Reached #4 on local radio
charts (The Noise), #52 Top Releases of 2009 on WMBR.

Hands and Knees (2007, Banazan Records)

La Fea EP (2006, I Wish I Was Unpopular, UK)